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Brady Residence Revived

In honor of the Brady Bunch Convention coming to The Meadowlands August 15-17 , I have re-posted my site, Brady Residence. 


Alice Uncovered


In honor of the late Ann B. Davis, here is my Alice Uncovered page from my old Brady Residence site.

These are the few times we got to see Alice out of her housekeeper’s uniform.

#1.  “The Honeymoon”
Alice wore a dress to Mike and Carol’s wedding.

#6.  “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”
Alice in civilian clothing when she is set to leave the family.

#12.  “A Camping We Will Go”
Alice gets to put on jeans for the camping trip.

#15.  “The Voice of Christmas”
Alice in her finest for Christmas services.

#20 “Brace Yourself”
We see Alice in two different dresses:  first when she returns Marcia’s dress to the dress shop, then when she returns to buy it back.

#21.  “The Big Sprain.”
Alice in a robe after she sprains her ankle.

#27.  “The Babysitters”
Alice is in a dress in the backyard when she returns early from hanging curtains at Sam’s.

#29.  “The Un Underground Movie”
Alice as a male pilgrim.

#32.  “The Tattletale”
Alice dressed up as she’s waiting for Sam to pick her up for a date.

#48.  “Alice’s September Song.”
Alice gussying up for her date with Mark Millard.

#49 – #51.  The Grand Canyon Trilogy

#51.  “Juliet is the Sun”
Alice seen returning from Marcia’s play.

#59.  “And Now a Word From our Sponsor.”
Alice in a “designer” housekeeper’s uniform as she was “motivated” for the commercial.

#61.  “The Not So Rose Colored Glasses”
Alice pretends she has to go to the dentist, to get Carol out of the house, so the kids could get their picture taken for Mike’s anniversary present to Carol.

#64  “Dough Re Mi”
Alice seen with Carol in the recording studio listening to the kids sing.

#69.  “Sergeant Emma”
Alice leaves for vacation to be replaced by her lookalike cousin (played by Ann B. Davis)

#72-74  The Hawaii Trilogy

#77.  “Fright Night”

Alice in her bathrobe and curlers as the kids try to scare her.

#81.  “The Show Must Go On?”
Alice and Sam on a hot date at the “Family Frolics”

#83.  “Goodbye, Alice, Hello”
Alice in a waitress uniform when she quits the Bradys.

“95.  “Snow White and the Seven Bradys.”
Alice in character as the evil Queen.

#97.  “The Elopement”
Alice returning from her cousin’s wedding.

#99.  “Never Too Young”
Alice is 1920’s garb as the family practices the Charleston.

#102.  “The Cincinnati Kids”
Alice in casual attire for the amusement park.

#107.  “The Kelly Kids”
Alice in a bathrobe after being awakened by the Kelly kids.

#112.  “Welcome Aboard.”
Alice joins the family at Paramount studios.

#116.  “The Hair Brained Scheme”
Alice and the family returning from Greg’s graduation.


6ABC Wins February Sweeps

From 6AbC:

(Philadelphia, PA) – The U.S. brought home 28 medals from Sochi, and like every ratings period for the past three decades, 6abc Action News wins gold in the Philadelphia television market! The February television ratings period experienced an unusual shake-up with the Olympics, plus three days of no ratings from the power outages (caused by an ice storm). But unprecedented news leader, Action News, still earned gold in nearly every time period and demographic.
At 11 o’clock, Action News had the biggest audience, winning in both Households and the Adults 25-54 demographic.
Once again, the most watched local newscast is Action News at 6, with Jim Gardner. With a 10 household rating, it equaled the total viewers as NBC, CBS, and Fox combined. With a 9 rating, Action News at Noon continues to hold the biggest advantage in the market (the NBC and CBS midday newscasts both post a 3).
6abc also wins gold in late news, with Action News at 11 earning a 9 household rating in February. Even with an Olympic-sized lead-in, NBC falls to second place in the late news ratings. Viewers watching the games in Sochi ultimately came back to 6abc for their favorite news program. In fact, Action News at 11, Action News at 6, and Action News at Noon ALL had higher ratings than NBC10’s late news program.
6abc is also at the top of the podium in the digital space. 2014 has been a record-breaking year for, with six different days delivering more than 5-million page views. Philadelphia’s top local news website earned 99 million total page views in January.
With two days left in February, already has 109 million page views. 6abc is also tops in the social space, with the leading Twitter account (99,000 followers), the top Facebook page (327,000 fans), and the top personality page, Adam Joseph (93,000 fans).
Below is the 6abc medal count for all the local news time periods*** –
Households Adults 25-54 Adults 18-49
***Ratings details available upon request
Source: Nielsen Station Index Overnight Ratings, Philadelphia Market, 2014.
WPVI-TV is the ABC-owned station serving the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys

Never Too Much Nancy and Tonya

If you still can’t get enough of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan story, NBC airs Nancy & Tonya Sunday at 7 p.m.

There’s a good article about the subject by Frank Fitzpatrick on


The Tolley Apology Tour

So when Don Tollefson begins his apology tour, which former station will get the first interview – 6 or 29?

Sunday Afternoon Viewing

Catch five episodes of The Brady Bunch every Sunday afternoon on TV Land.

Freaks and Geeks on FXX Every Sunday Morning

If you went to high school in the early 80’s, you will enjoy Freaks and Geeks, which airs Sunday mornings on FXX.

Many of the stars from the 1999 series, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, Linda Cardellini, Busy Phillips, Samm Levine, and John Francis Daley are still going strong today.

The Talk > The View

After watching today’s episode of The Talk, I’m not surprised it is practically tied with rival The View in the ratings.

The Talk’s current lineup of Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert and Sheryl Underwood has more chemistry then the current View lineup of Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters, who is scheduled to retire in May.

The View seems to have lost its way with the departures of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I wouldn’t be surprised if McCarthy gets the boot in May.

Brady Bunch Reunion on The Talk Thursday at 2 p.m. on CBS

The cast of The Brady Bunch will reunite on The Talk Thursday at 2 p.m. on CBS to celebrate the 80th birthday of Florence Henderson. You will also get your chance to meet the Bradys at The Brady Bunch Convention at The Hilton Meadowlands August 15 – 17.

Another Blow to Local Programming

I’m sad to report that the Comcast Network canceled the last remnants of CN8, It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle, Voice of Reason with Larry Kane and Art Fennell Reports.

Philly has suffered the loss of many local shows over the years, including the entire CN8 network.