Turn that Brady House into a Museum

The Brady Bunch house in California is up for sale for 1.8 million dollars. I would love to make the house into a museum. I would re-create every room like it was on the show and get that damn horse back!

We could put the Brady Dunk Tank in the back yard, and cook food including pork chops and apple sauce. Guests could eat at the dining room table or in the kitchen.

We could play Brady Bunch music in the background and give people a chance to wear Alice’s housekeeper uniform.

We could have all kinds of props, like the tape recorder Peter used to secretly record his siblings, Cindy’s doll, Kitty Carry-all, Carol’s needlepoint, Mike’s drafting board, and the Butterfly Love poster from the girl’s room.

I would volunteer to be a tour guide. I could give the back-story for every room.


Brady Bunch House Rules

With the news that the Brady Bunch house up for sale, it got me thinking about some tidbits about the house.

Alice’s room by the kitchen was rarely seen. I remember she was laid up in the room when she sprained her ankle on Chinese checkers.

The six kids shared one bathroom. There were many scenes there, but there was not a toilet. The parent’s bathroom was never seen.

Marcia and Greg had to go to Westdale High because of the “stupid street” they lived on.

Mike and Carol considered getting new wallpaper for their bedroom, but decided to paint. Mike and Carol were the first television couple to share a bed.

The kids pretended the house was haunted to scare off a potential realtor.

Many events were hosted at the house – Marcia’s slumber party, Carol hosted a PTA meeting, visits by Joe Namath, Wes Parker, Desi Arnaz Jr., and Davy Jones, and Mike’s client Penelope Fletcher.

The pool table was relegated to the garage. Bobby played drums in the garage.

The backyard hosted the Brady’s production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Greg’s school film about the Pilgrims, and an epic chin-up contest between Greg and Bobby. Bobby experienced his first kiss in the backyard. The backyard consisted of a basketball net, Tiger’s old doghouse, a clubhouse, an astroturf yard, and a swing set. The Brady Dunk Tank for the Jr. High School Carnival was there for one episode. Marcia’s nose was broken by the sliding glass door. Marcia hosted a meeting for the Westdale Boosters on the patio, but Peter’s volcano spewed all over the place.

Bobby once flooded the laundry room by using too much laundry detergent. We also got to see the laundry room when it housed bunnies from Mr. Kirby’s pet shop.

The Bradys attempted to film a television commercial in the house.

There was only one TV in the house that was located in the family room. The family room also housed the wi-fi stereo system. Marcia practiced yoga in the family room.

Mike once installed a pay phone in the house.

Tank Gates played football in the living room and broke a lamp.

Greg moved to Mike’s den for one episode then moved to his own room in the attic.

Jan crashed her bicycle into the garage when not wearing her glasses.

The girls’ room had three twin beds, the boys’ room had one twin bed for Greg and bunk beds for Peter and Bobby. I believe Bobby was on the bottom bunk.

Peter broke mom’s favorite vase by playing ball in the house.

The iconic horse was located by the steps.

Even though most of Alice’s scenes were in the kitchen, in real life, Ann B. Davis did not know how to cook.

The family did calisthenics in the backyard when cousin Emma filled in Alice for a week.

Raquel the goat hid in Greg’s room in the attic and Mike and Carol’s closet in their bedroom.

In the linen closet, Bobby and Peter could hear what was going on through the heat vents in the attic.


Philly Wins a Couple of ESPYs

A couple of Philly guys won ESPYs Wednesday night.

Nick Foles won for Best Championship Performance, beating out Villanova’s Donte DiVincenzo and others. And New Jersey native Mike Trout was named Best MLB Player.

The Sixers Ben Simmons, soccer player, Julie Ertz, wife of Eagle Zach, Villanova’s Jalen Brunson, and the Philly Special did not win their categories.

Brady Bunch House for Sale

I think it’s time for the kids to pretend the house is haunted again to prevent the sale!

Go to my site to see the house history.

You can still catch The Bunch Sunday afternoons on MeTV and on Hulu.

My rock!

Former Fox29 Anchor Gets Howard Sterned

Former Good Day Philadelphia co-host Sheinelle Jones, who is now part of the Today Show family, got the full Howard Stern treatment on her new SiriusXM show Off the Rails, that stars Al Roker.

Watch Howard take over.

Give Objectified a Chance

Harvey Levin of TMZ is hosting a new celebrity interview show, Objectified, on Fox News Channel Sunday at 8 p.m. The title comes from important objects in the subject’s life. Last week, Kris Jenner was interviewed. This Sunday, it is Steven Tyler.

Freaks and Geeks Unite

Cultureshock: Freaks and Geeks airs tonight at 9 p.m. on A & E. The classic show about 80’s teens ran on NBC for one season in 1999.

Many of its stars are still going strong, including James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, Busy Phillips, Martin Starr, and Jason Segel.

Of course, its creators, Judd Apatow and Paul Feig have gone on to great things. Feig directed Bridesmaids, and Apatow’s has an extensive list of credits.