Anchor Changes at NBC10

According to industry sources, beginning next week, NBC10 weekend evening anchor Dawn Timmeney will move to the weekday 5 p.m. news to co-anchor with Vince DeMentri. Aditi Roy will move from weekend mornings to weekend evenings, and newcomer Lynn Berry will co-anchor weekend mornings with John Blunt.

It wasn’t that long ago that Timmeney seemed to be on her way out when she was taken off weekday mornings and moved to general assignment reporter.  One thing that helped –  never underestimate the power of a good hairstyle.


7 responses to “Anchor Changes at NBC10

  1. I don’t like the “one anchor per newscast” format that NBC 10 has for it’s 4,5, and 6 o’clock broadcasts – when they originally had 2 anchors. Why do they have 2 during the 11 o’clock broadcast when that’s only 30 minutes long? I understand FOX doing it for now as they’re still taking off with the 5 o’clock broadcast… and I think Kerri-Lee and the 5 o’clock team are doing well… I’ve since switched to FOX from NBC.

  2. Switch to Fox is something I’ll never do – makes me dizzy watching the ‘shaky’ camera and all angles camera work – what’s up w/that?

    I do agree though – I like the 2 anchor deal better to, but Kerri Lee? What a diz wit.

  3. I agree with the hairstyle thing. I am a shallow male who thinks she is banging with that new look. I didn’t even recognize her at first. By the way I love this site and am proud to say I tipped you on a couple of things in the past.

  4. NBC10 needs a TOTAL overhaul. Including
    getting rid of N.D. Blackman. So what do these changes mean for Tracy Davidson??

  5. Ad. Roy weeekend evening?? C’mon, think i’ll watch Mary Stoker Smith for content and easy on the eyes. Seems like all the ‘long-time’ reporters are now anchors. Where are you Toni Yates??

  6. I’m such a DT fan…but I’d bet she’s had work done.. inject there.. a and voila. she’s so pleasant to watch though.

  7. Dawn’s captivating hairstyles, whether short or long; are guaranteed to freeze any channel surfer. She rocks.

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