Barnett Continues to Benefit From Lane’s Departure

Susan Barnett continues to benefit from the firing of Alycia Lane, as Barnett will co-anchor the weeknight 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news on CBS3 for February sweeps beginning Thursday, January 31.

With her contract up at the end of 2007, Barnett seemed like she was on her way out the door when she was replaced on the weekday morning news in the fall by Liz Keptner.

But when Lane got into trouble in mid-December, Barnett’s fortunes began to turn around.

First,  she was assigned a spot on the CBS3 New Year’s Eve special, while Lane was taken off the New Year’s assignment after her altercation with New York city police,  and now that Lane is gone for good, Barnett will get the top anchoring spot for now.

Though it’s not known if Barnett will get the job for good, one thing that is in her favor is that the former beauty pageant contestant has a squeaky-clean image.  The former Levittown native and homecoming queen at Truman high school in Bucks County is married to a doctor  and has a one-year-old son, something that CBS3 is looking for after Lane’s tabloid tendencies.


One response to “Barnett Continues to Benefit From Lane’s Departure

  1. You say Tim lake was on weekends, but before his demotion he was anchoring 5PM with Tracy Davidson. of Course he was later given the 6 and 11 PM slots as you said. Also, Dawn Timmeney’s fortunes turned around as well.
    BTW, I assume a googleganger is a portmanteau of google and doppleganger.

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