Sports Radio 950 and Bruno Part Ways

Though Sports Radio 950 should have done this on their own a long time ago, Sporting News Radio made the decision for them, as “The Tony Bruno Show” was canceled.

Bruno, which aired from 9 a.m. – noon and “The Jim Rome Show” had abysmal ratings here. “Rome” was dropped a few months ago.  For some reason, Bruno survived.  Even though ‘PEN liked to talk about Bruno’s local roots, his show was not local.

Once and for all, ‘PEN should have an all-local lineup and hire somebody like station weekend host Jack McCaffery for the vacancy.


3 responses to “Sports Radio 950 and Bruno Part Ways

  1. mike missanelli would be nice

  2. As a Philadelphia resident I actually welcomed some more national coverage and discussion. God knows we have enough local stuff up and down the dial here – both on 950 and IP…

    How much more Eagles talk do we need, really. It’s February for crying out loud; Donovan is still the QB,.. and T.O. has been gone for two years already… blah blah blah….Yet I hear the same meathead calls to these local shows day after day. Let’s branch out just a little bit, people.

  3. I am no longer a listener now that Tony is gone, another mistake

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