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“10” and “Martha” Trading Spaces Beginning Monday

The “10” Show with Bill Henley and Lori Wilson and “Martha” change timeslots beginning Monday.  “Martha” will air at 11 a.m. and “10” will air at 2 p.m.

Here’s the revamped NBC10 daytime lineup:

7 – 11 a.m. – “The Today Show”

11 a.m. – “Martha”

Noon – “iVillage Live” (until the end of March)

1 p.m. – “Days of Our Lives” (Stefano rules!)

2 p.m. – “10”

3 p.m. – “Ellen” (Overrated)

4 p.m. – “All That and More” (Underrated, but has the impossible task of airing opposite “Oprah”).

Let The Alycia Games Begin

New York Daily News columnist Richard Huff is suggesting Alycia Lane for Channel 4 news in NYC.

6ABC Wins Sweeps, CBS3 Ratings at 11 p.m. Drop Without Lane

According to the February ratings, the 11 p.m. ratings for CBS3 dropped two ratings points without Alycia Lane from the last sweeps period in November, however the network lead-in for CBS3 was lower in February than November.

Lane was released from her contract in January after a series of incidents that culminated with Lane being arrested in New York City for allegedly assaulting an officer.  Those charges were dropped by a court in NYC on Monday.

In November, CBS provided a 10 lead-in rating for CBS3, which earned an 8 rating at 11 p.m. with Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane.   In February it provided a 7 lead-in rating, which earned a 6 rating at 11 p.m. with Mendte and Susan Barnett.

At 11 p.m. 6ABC with Jim Gardner led with a 9 rating/17 share.  CBS3 and NBC10 tied for second place with a 6 rating/11 share.

At 10 p.m., Fox29 had a robust 6 rating/10 share compared to a 4 rating/7 share in November. Fox always benefits in February and May from the top-rated “American Idol.”  It also brought on new meteorologist John Bolaris.

At 6 p.m., 6ABC with Jim Gardner led with a 12 rating/21 share.  NBC10 with Tim Lake was second with a 4 rating/7 share, and CBS3 with Mendte and Barnett was third with a 4 rating/6 share (Those are the same ratings CBS3 had at 6 p.m. with Mendte and Lane in November).

At 5 p.m., 6ABC with Monica Malpass and Rick Williams led with a 10 rating/19 share.  “Dr. Phil” on CBS3 was second with a 4 rating/8 share, NBC10 was third with a 3 rating/6 share, and Fox29 and “The People’s Court” on CW57 tied for fourth with a 2 rating/4 share.

At 4 p.m., “Oprah” on 6ABC led with a 7 rating/16 share.  “Judge Judy” was second with a 4 rating/9 share. CBS3 news was third with a 3 rating/8 share, and NBC10’s “All That and More” and “Maury Povich” on myPHL 17 tied for fourth with a 2 rating/4 share.

At noon, 6ABC led with an 8 rating/25 share.  CBS3 was second with a 4 rating/11 share.

From 7 – 9 a.m., “Good Morning America” on 6ABC led with a 7 rating/20 share, “The Today Show” on NBC10 was second with a 4 rating/12 share, “Good Day Philadelphia” on Fox29 was third with a 3 rating/8 share, and “The Early Show” on CBS3 and “The Wake Up News” on CW57 tied for fourth with a 1 rating/3 share.

At 6 a.m., 6ABC led with a 6 rating/22 share.  NBC10 was second with a 4 rating/12 share, and CBS3 was third with a 3 rating/10 share.

Each rating point is equivalent to around 29,000 households.

The next sweeps period is in May.

6ABC Airs Flower Show Special Saturday

The 6ABC weather team led by Dave Roberts and Cecily Tynan will host “Jazz It Up – The 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show Preview Special” Saturday at 7 p.m.

This year’s theme is New Orleans.

Chase Utley To Appear in ESPN Ad For Fantasy Baseball with Soap Star Rebecca Budig

According to Michael Logan’s column in “TV Guide,” Phillies second baseman Chase Utley will appear with “All My Children” star Rebecca Budig in an ESPN promo for Fantasy Baseball beginning March 3.

In the promo, Utley plays a waiter who is serving a cheating wife (Budig) and her boyfriend (“One Life to Live’s” John-Paul Lavoisier) as they play fantasy baseball.  Utley pulls off his face mask to reveal he’s Budig’s husband.


Correction to Television Field of 64

In the Comedy bracket, I mistakenly listed “Mad TV” twice.

The correct matchup should be:

(5) 30 Rock
(12) How I Met Your Mother

CSN to Carry MLS Announcement Thursday

Comcast SportsNet will air the press conference awarding a Major League Soccer franchise to Philadelphia from Turbine Hall in Chester, PA Thursday at 2 p.m. 

CSN’s Michael Barkann will emcee the event, which will feature speakers Gov. Edward G. Rendell, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, team ownership and others.

February Sweeps Ends Tonight

As usual, 6ABC will win February sweeps which ends tonight.

With one night left of sweeps,  weeknights at 11 p.m., 6ABC has a 9 rating, CBS3 has a 6.1 rating, and NBC10 has a 5.8 rating.

Of course, CBS3 was without Alycia Lane, who was dropped from the station on New Year’s Day.

On Monday, Lane was cleared of charges of assualting an officer.

Television Field of 64

With March Madness on the way, it’s time for our annual Television Field of 64.  The four brackets are Reality, Drama, Comedy, and Talk Shows.  The selection committee (moi) determined the seedings by a combination of my personal preference and ratings. You may either email me your picks at or fill out the comment box.  Have fun!

(1)  American Idol
(16) The Hills

(2)  Dancing with the Stars
(15) Keeping Up with the Kardashians

(3) Deal or No Deal
(14) Celebrity Apprentice

(4) Survivor
(13) Girls Next Door

(5) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
(12) Celebrity Rehab

(6) Amazing Race
(11) Big Brother

(7) Project Runway
(10) Flavor of Love 3

(8) Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
(9) Supernanny

(1) Grey’s Anatomy
(16) Friday Night Lights

(2) CSI
(15) One Tree Hill

(3) Brothers and Sisters
(14) Law & Order: SVU

(4) Lost
(13) Private Practice

(5) Cold Case
(12) Dirty Sexy Money

(6) CSI: Miami
(11) Shark

(7) House
(10) Boston Legal

(8) Criminal Minds
(9) NCIS


(1) The Office
(16) Girlfriends

(2) Two and a Half Men
(15) House of Payne

(3) Desperate Housewives
(14) Back to You

(4) Ugly Betty
(13) Samantha Who

(5) 30 Rock
(12) How I Met Your Mother

(6) Family Guy
(11) New Adventures of Old Christine

(7) Saturday Night Live
(10) Mad TV

(8) My Name is Earl
(9) The Simpsons


(1) Oprah
(16) Jerry Springer

(2) Tonight Show with Jay Leno
(15) Real Time with Bill Maher

(3) Late Show with David Letterman
(14) Chelsea Lately

(4) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
(13) Rachael Ray

(5) Regis & Kelly
(12) Ellen

(6) Larry King Live
(11) Martha

(7) Jimmy Kimmel
(10) Dr. Phil

(8) Conan O’Brien
(9) Tyra

iVillage Live Put Out of Misery

NBC’s daytime show, “iVillage Live,” which literally had a 0 rating in Philadelphia will cease production at the end of March.

According to an NBC10 spokesperson, a daytime version of “Deal or No Deal” is likely to fill a half hour, the other half hour has not been determined.

This means that NBC10 will join the other NBC stations and pick up “The Bonnie Hunt Show” set to debut in the fall.