NBC10’s Fit Fest Will Not Return

According to industry sources, NBC10’s annual “Fit Fest” health and fitness expo will not return this spring. Around 70,000 people attended the event each year, which featured station personalities and NBC celebrities.  It took place the last 11 years.

An NBC10 spokesperson wrote, “As the station continues sponsoring numerous community projects/events and with our increased involvement and sponsorship of environmental/ ‘going green’ projects we’ve decided to not sponsor ‘Fit Fest.’

Sources feel that budget concerns are the reason “Fit Fest” is not returning.

2 responses to “NBC10’s Fit Fest Will Not Return

  1. This budget thing has gotten way out of control for 10. First, they can’t hire Rob Guarino, then they can’t send anyone to Phillies’ Spring Training, Now the biggest event they put on every year and promotes positive health, fitness, etc, something people need, they can’t do. This is a real shame. CBS (3) is taking over and putting 10 out of business.

  2. NBC 10 is really slipping. They can’t keep on-air weather people. They have the worst weather forcasts. Channel 10 should have hired John Bolaras back and fired Hurricane Schwarts. Dump the bowtie. Now no “FitFest”? This was a wonderful event. 42% of Americans have no access to the healthcare system. FitFest provided the Philadelphia community with oppertunities to have live saving screenings. I am now watching CBS and ABC!

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