“10” and “Martha” Trading Spaces Beginning Monday

The “10” Show with Bill Henley and Lori Wilson and “Martha” change timeslots beginning Monday.  “Martha” will air at 11 a.m. and “10” will air at 2 p.m.

Here’s the revamped NBC10 daytime lineup:

7 – 11 a.m. – “The Today Show”

11 a.m. – “Martha”

Noon – “iVillage Live” (until the end of March)

1 p.m. – “Days of Our Lives” (Stefano rules!)

2 p.m. – “10”

3 p.m. – “Ellen” (Overrated)

4 p.m. – “All That and More” (Underrated, but has the impossible task of airing opposite “Oprah”).


5 responses to ““10” and “Martha” Trading Spaces Beginning Monday

  1. Is Bonnie Hunt taking the noon timeslot in the fall? Has Martha been renewed?

  2. Dear Ryan,

    I’m not sure what time Bonnie Hunt will air, but it looks like she’ll be on the NBC10 schedule in the fall. Martha is returning next year.

  3. Thank goodness that IVillage is over at the end of March. I never watched it because I’ve been warned as of how bad it really is. So what will NBC 10 put in the noon timeslot once April comes?

  4. Dear Emerson,

    I was told that a half hour daytime version of “Deal or No Deal” will air at noon. No decision has been made for 12:30 yet.


  5. I’m surprised CBS dropped so bad in the ratings. Did Alycia pull that much? They rewamped and got all HD – what gives? And when is NBC10 going HD?

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