Phil Andrews and Comcast SportsNet Part Ways

According to sports industry sources, Phil Andrews and Comcast SportsNet are parting ways.  Andrews, the weekend sports anchor for 6ABC for 15 years, joined CSN two years ago.

A Comcast SportsNet spokesperson did not immediately answer an inquiry about Andrews, who is still on the CSN web site.

With his background as a soccer player and coach, maybe Andrews should work for the new Philadelphia Major League Soccer franchise.



7 responses to “Phil Andrews and Comcast SportsNet Part Ways

  1. Mary Ann Kalnin

    He was such a small part of comcast I don’t think anyone will even notice that he is no longer there. I was wondering if they hired Steve Bucci to replace him?

  2. I really liked Phill andrews, and was wondering if anyone knew where he went, and what happened to make him leave CSN?
    I really don’t like the guy they got to replace him. I think his name is Morris something, I don’t think he is ready for CSN. I didn’t like Steve Bucci either, I think he lasted about five minutes.

  3. To much stock is put into the people who present the news. Give me a break! They are overpaid for what they do…….

  4. Phil Andrews is the man he was great at CSN. Phil you will be missed.

  5. phil sucked and is steve bucci like a host now hes not on the website but hes on a lot

  6. phil is a very nice guy,i hope that he is ok

  7. I enjoyed Phil when he was on 6ABC in Philly. I had wondered where he went. I recently saw him on a Wilmington, DE PBS news program. I wish him well!

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