Martorano Out at WIP

WIP 610-AM mid-day co-host Steve Martorano will be parting ways with the station for the second time in four years, as his contract will not be renewed.

Martorano co-hosted mid-days with Anthony Gargano until he was replaced by Mike Missanelli.  When Missanelli was removed from the station a few months later after an altercation with a producer, Martorano was brought back two years ago.

Coincidentally, Missanelli signed with Philadelphia’s other sports talk station, ESPN 950-AM this week.

No word on who will replace Martorano, but it wouldn’t hurt WIP to go younger.  Their weekday hosts Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Howard Eskin, and Glen Macnow are all in their mid-50’s, and their “young” hosts Rhea Hughes and Anthony Gargano are pushing 40.


5 responses to “Martorano Out at WIP

  1. All they need now is to replace Martorano with Douglas. With 950 taking on the ‘ex’ Missanelli and Jody Mac doing mornings there WIP’s reign as the top sports talk show may be over.

  2. 610 WIP reign will not be over with Missanelli & Jody Mac being heard now from 9 to 1 & 3 to 7 you must be crazy I can bearly get 950 on my radio here in burlinton county 950 needs a stronger signal to be heard all over the Delaware Vally

  3. I agree that 950 needs to strengthen its signal. I am in Doylestown and its scratchy at times.
    However I am now listening to 950 ESPN more than ever. Jody Mac and Mikey M are of course part of the reason.
    It is a more well rounded sports station. Specifically if I turn on WIP there is a greater chance I will hear talk about the Eagles than any other sports team! I dont want to hear that tired excuse that the Eagles are more popular and that the listeners want to talk about them. I also dont find the former Eagle players turned talk show hosts with the exception of G Cobb to be that knowledgable about anything other than football. Does Jeff Laurie own part of WIP now?
    I think 905 is a breath of fresh air, a long time coming and 610 needs to get some fresh well rounded talent

  4. I had to google why Martorano left and it led me here. I can’t believe they would let him go without a backup plan. Now, I like Glen Macnow, but he is not a morning voice at all!! His chemistry with Anthony is non-existent. Plus, he poses too many hypotheticals and defers too much to pair with Anthony…the king of hypothetical and deferment. Thus the team comes off as forced and less focused. With Steve, their laughs were entertaining not forced. I liked the old guy Steve and I just turned 30! He was funny and pretty insightful…following Cataldi–it was a great transition into more substance while remaining lighthearted…and set up the “Chief” just right. Glen you are totally out of place here…I have turned to 950 a helluva lot more often during this time slot. I suggest you fix this quick WIP, and while you are at it…make IKE at NIGHT in the middle of the night and move up the JOLLY man. Trust…950 has the drop on you right now.

  5. It blows me away that WIP wouldn’t renew Steve’s
    Steve and Anthony had the best chemistry of any duo at that station. The show was funny as hell.
    It’s one more reason not to listen to WIP.

    Cataldi’s show is obnoxius and not the least bit funny. Don’t even mention Ekin, awful.

    if 950 can get a stronger signal it will take over.

    If you don’t think WIP knows it, just look at how many more interviews they are doing to catch up to 950.

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