Macnow Back to Mid-Days

Glen Macnow announced on the air today that he will be returning to mid-days and Ike Reese will take over his night-time slot on WIP.

Macnow, who has spent most of his 14 years at WIP in the mid-day slot, was moved to evenings a few years ago.

He’ll replace Steve Martorano, who left the station this week.

As we reported earlier, the other current mid-day host Anthony Gargano, will co-host with afternoon drive host Howard Eskin Tuesday through Friday of next week.

6 responses to “Macnow Back to Mid-Days

  1. Pairing Eskin and Gargano is a terrible move. Eskin has never worked with a partner.

  2. jamarr ferguson

    He previously partnered with Mike Misannelli.

  3. Ike is a wonderful talent, and will succeed wherever they put him, but I think he’d do better in a late evening timeslot (where they currently rotate guys like Startarre/Frank/Eckel/Ellis) rather than the 7p-11p slot that always gets interrupted by Sixers and Flyers games. Macnow and Gargano middays is great news, though.

    And yeah, add me to the list of people who thinks Eskin hogs the spotlight too much to share it with “The Cuz”.

  4. That pairing is hilarious. My guess is by 3:01, Eskin will get under Anthony’s skin by saying the Mummers suck.

  5. Having to choose between Macnow and Jody MacDonald during the day is a tough choice, but a nice problem to have. Outside of that, it’s almost all unlistenable.

  6. I do not like Ike Reese on 610.I like startarre to take over for Macnow

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