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June 1, 2008
Susanne LaFrankie Weighs In

Former Channel 6 medical reporter-turned media consultant Susanne LaFrankie reacted to the news that CBS3 news anchor Larry Mendte is under a federal investigation for reading the emails of former colleague, Alycia Lane, who was fired in January. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It looks like Alycia Lane isn’t going down alone. You’ve got to wonder–if this is all true– what type of competitive relationship these two had,” LaFrankie said. 
 As for what CBS3 should do, LaFrankie said, “I say wipe the slate clean…move on quickly, concentrate on the station’s credibility, reputation and integrity–after all they are a news organization in the fourth largest market.” 

June 1, 2008
Mendte Story Finally Reported on CBS3 and Fox29

CBS3 finally reported on the Larry Mendte story during the 6:30 p.m. show on Sunday. 

Here’s Fox29’s version (with video). 



June 1, 2008
I’m a 3 Watcher (To See the Musical Anchors)

With Larry Mendte off the air indefinitely and possibly for good, for the second time in six months, CBS3 has a major vacancy to fill. 

Their probable first choice would be weekday 4 p.m. news anchor Chris May who arrived less than a year ago.

My first choice would be weekday morning news anchor Ukee Washington, who ironically paired with current 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. anchor Susan Barnett in the A.M. until she was replaced with Liz Keptner in the fall of 2007.

Or maybe CBS3 could bring Marc Howard out of retirement?

Of course, Dave Huddleston is available too, as his contract wasn’t renewed by Fox29.

This should be interesting. 

June 1, 2008
CBS3 Official Statement

“Late last week CBS 3 became aware of an investigation by the US .Attorney’s office regarding anchor Larry Mendte.  CBS 3 is cooperating fully with that office in this matter.  Mr.Mendte will not be on CBS 3’s broadcasts pending further investigation.”


June 1, 2008
Larry Mendte Investigated by FBI About Accessing Alycia Lane’s Personal Email

Michael Klein breaks the surprising story.

Not surprisingly, it’s not on but it’s the top story on and, but not on, probably out of deference to Mendte’s wife, Dawn Stensland, who is the 10 p.m. news anchor there.  

It is also the top story on CBS3 sister station,

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