NATAS Statement Regarding Larry Mendte

July 28, 2008

Statement from Susan Buehler, President, Mid-Atlantic NATAS:


The annual Emmy Awards gala is about recognizing excellence in regional television,

so NATAS plans to keep its focus where it belongs: on spotlighting the achievements

of our many members across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  This year, like every year, we will gather to celebrate the accomplishments of hundreds of area TV professionals working in all facets of the industry; we do not want a situation involving one person to overshadow the achievements of many.    


NATAS has no authority involving itself in the personal situations of its members or entrants. None of the work entered by Larry Mendte is connected to his criminal case, which is still being adjudicated.  Finally, nothing in the NATAS bylaws gives us the authority to disqualify, remove or alter any entries as long as the entrant followed all the guidelines and met our Chapter’s deadline of April 19, 2008.   


We do want to reassure CBS 3 employees that NATAS is not planning to change or remove any of their entries from consideration.  If the judges determined them to be worthy of a nomination or award in this year’s program, then the nomination or award will stand.


It is also important to note that the over 700 Emmy entries received were judged outside our market, so at this point, only the accountants know whose work has been nominated.  We have discovered that many people are unaware of the judging process that leads to nominations and Emmy Awards.  To clarify the process:  


  • As it is every year, all work submitted locally is judged outside our region.  


  • Regional television professionals, including reporters, producers, directors, editors, writers and videographers, submit what they consider to be their best work – in one or many categories – during a calendar year. 


  • Those entries are then viewed and judged by panels of TV professionals in

top television markets across the country to determine who is nominated and ultimately wins the coveted Emmy Award.  Judges utilize standards of excellence to evaluate work in areas of content, creativity and execution.


  • Nominations will be announced August 5; our Board of Governors and members will receive the news at the same time we make the news public,  and not before.

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