Philebrity Makes Fun of Me!

Cat Ladies Of The Internet: Could LarryGate® Produce An Existential Crisis For Laura Nachman?

You know how you’re always reading this crazy shit about our local news anchors and after a while, you begin to wonder if there’s actually anyone out there besides the parties directly involved who A) thinks TV news is real and B) has some kind of emotional stake in the comings and goings of their local Ron Burgundys? Well, there is. We found her. Meet Laura Nachman, pictured at right, presumably just at the moment when a love of The Brady Bunch led her on a path to dedicating her life to writing about and living in the background of local television. Since 2000, Nachman has been writing about TV for the Bucks County Courier Times, and for this service, she has been rewarded several times with the princely ransom of appearing on It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle. On her blog, she chronicles the comings and goings of Larry Mendte, Alycia Lane and now, Vince Dementri (he’s in hot water for being an asshole again) with a kind of Trekky superfan aplomb that Michael Klein and Dan Gross can’t really muster, as both of those guys still seem to be hung up on admitting their deep sexual/pathological attraction to these people. (Don’t worry, though, I sense a sea change coming as Mendte’s trial nears — think of it as your Stonewall, guys!) Anyway, as you can imagine, Nachman is in a bit of a tizzy about recent events, and you can wing on over to her blog to see a nice charticle comparing and contrasting the present peccadilloes of Larry and Vince, presented with not a lot of irony and set up so that finally, it’ll be easy for you to tell the difference. Because why? Good question. We’ve been thinking about it all morning, and we think we finally have answer: Everybody needs a fan somewhere. Misbehavin’ anchordrones of Philadelphia, here is yours. Be careful though, we’re getting a Kathy-Bates-in-Misery vibe. Just saying.
LauraNachman: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself


2 responses to “Philebrity Makes Fun of Me!

  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Philebrity, that was funny as shit. So what if she is a cat lady? Her work is solid and I have been reading her for years. Meow!

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