DeMentri Disappears from

NBC10 news anchor Vince DeMentri’s bio and picture have been removed from  DeMentri has been off the air for over a month since allegations arose that he took items from NBC10 news anchor Lori Delgado.  He also allegedly vandalized Delgado’s car.

An NBC10 spokesperson would not comment on DeMentri’s disappearance from the station web site, stating its policy is to not comment on personnel matters.

DeMentri anchored the weeknight NBC10 4 p.m. news and the myPHL News Powered by NBC10 at 10 p.m.

Industry sources say that DeMentri recently signed a multi-year contract with the station before this happened.

DeMentri is a graduate of Temple University and Frankford High School in Philadelphia.


13 responses to “DeMentri Disappears from

  1. Thank you, Laura! You’re the only one who’s even mentioned this and his picture has been off their website since Tuesday.

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s idiotic of them not to just come out and say that’s he gone? “Personal Matters”? What the heck? Are we not supposed to notice when an anchor disappears? Maybe they should just hire robots; then they wouldn’t have to worry about “personal matters”.

  2. RobArt Productions

    Dear Gerri,

    It’s “Personnel” matters, not “personal” matters.
    Anyhow, this off air garbage should be of no interest to the public. He acted irresponsibly, has a track record of being a bully at the station and has been reprimanded once again. Goodbye Vince..

  3. Oops, that’s what I get for reading too quickly! Thanks, Rob.

  4. Vince vandalizing Lori’s car at Channel 10?
    Larry trying to tarnish Alycia at Channel 3?

    No wonder Channel 6 is the most watched. lol

  5. RobArt, give us some examples – what do you mean he has a track record of being a bully at the station? Do you think this latest incident was the latest in a string of problems?

  6. Hi Laura! I WAS wondering what ever happened
    to Vince! Now I know! I thought he was just ill! Is he following in Larry Mendte’s footsteps? What happened to Terry Ruggles and Sheri Banks? I haven’t seen them in awhile either.
    Thanks. Connie

  7. Check out
    His resume and audition tape are posted under talent.

  8. ‘What do you mean he has a track record of being a bully at the station?’

    I didn’t see it but apparently Glenn Schwartz teased him on the air about his wading into floodwaters and he came back to the station later and took a swing at him (legally that’s assault).

  9. Phyllis Gorham-Gerald

    Where is Laurie Delgado. I have not seen her beautiful smile in almost 3 weeks. Is she on vacation or has she left the station. I really would like to know if she is coming back.

  10. Where is Laurie Delgado?? I have emailed NBC and not received an answer?

  11. Wow! I didn’t even notice that Vince Dimentri was missing from NBC, but I did notice that Laurie Delgado was missing! I read that she left abruptly due to a lawsuit filed by Dimentri. It’s too bad, I liked her. She always seemed like she was having a good time delivering the news. I hope she finds herself on the air again.

  12. channel 10 should really try to bring laurie back she was a great castor she made my familys day every morning .were not saying that terry ruggels or other staff doesnt do agreat job but laurie was special we would like watching laurie go to those resturants and cook she was just like one of us in our homes in the morning but with a big smile she took the nagitevty out of the news bring her back

  13. Yes, Lori Delgado & Terry Ruggles had the best morning chemistry in Philly. Bring her back! Aditi’s capable & serious. Keep her too!

    The worst AM chemistry? Steve Levy & Tiffany Whatever, who ran off to NY with Bolaris Whatever …

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