Stormy Relations Between Bolaris and Stensland

According to newsroom sources things are “awkward to say the least” between Fox29 news anchor Dawn Stensland and meteorologist John Bolaris.

Bolaris, who previously worked with Stensland’s husband Larry Mendte at NBC10 seems to be squarely on “Team Lane,” as it was reported that he helped Fox29 reporter Dave Schratweiser secure an interview with Alycia Lane’s attorney Paul Rosen after Larry Mendte’s court appearance on Friday.

Bolaris has also previously spoken out again Mendte who pleaded guilty to a felony for illegally accessing Lane’s email.


3 responses to “Stormy Relations Between Bolaris and Stensland

  1. Could it be Stresland who’s contract wont be renewed?

  2. Once a weasel, always a weasel but this time he’s sunk lower than he ever did at 10. Should have stayed out of the mess entirely especially with Larry’s wife on staff.

  3. I don’t believe it

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