Message from Jody Mac

To the hundreds of my fans and friends who have attempted to call me, and the thousands that have attempted to e-mail me, I thank you all very much. As you have probably heard by now, I needed to have quadruple bypass surgery. The procedure to this point has been a success. I now start the process of healing and getting better. This was way too close of a call, and will serve as a wake-up call for me. I am hoping to be back, talking Phillies pennant race, Eagles good September start, and all things Philly sports before you know it. Thanks for the support you have shown my show during my absence, and I would appreeeciate it if you continue in that vain.
    I would love to reply to everyone individually, but I am just not up to the task. But know, your concern makes the fight I am fighting a little easier everyday.
                                            Talk to you soon…
                                                Jody Mac

One response to “Message from Jody Mac

  1. Jody Mac, “do us ALL a favor”!
    Com’on back hale and hearty, you are missed. Phillies/Mets race is waiting for your astute wisdom. Take care.

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