No Wonder Goode Aide Was Angry at Fox29

We can see why city employee Latrice Bryant was so angry with Fox29 reporter Jeff Cole.  He made her look terrible in his investigative report that aired on Fox29 Monday night.

In general, if anybody sees Jeff Cole in their rear view mirror, they should resign from their job immediately.


5 responses to “No Wonder Goode Aide Was Angry at Fox29

  1. The racial remarks were disgusting.
    Here’s my response.

  2. Don’t you think his report changed after the remarks were made? I’m sure the facts are correct. I’m also sure being called a racist may have prompted Cole to take the gloves off.

  3. Laura, are you serious? “He made her look terrible” She made herself look terrible. She is making $90, 000 a year and lying about the time she works. She got a raise of $13,000 this year, while hard working, tax paying Philadelphians (who pay her salary) struggle to make ends meet. You should be embarrassed by even suggesting that she was treated unfairly.

  4. What’s she doing at his house? BTW, one thing to consider – in today’s day-and-age, people are working from blackberry, cell, at home – sitting at the desk all day is not the norm. Cole doesn’t address that here, but it truly does seem the case for this fraud.

  5. she came through for me, and germantown. We had a vacant lot with cars, and weeds as tall as the cars. Drug dealers did their buisness there too. Well now kids play in a beautiful tree lined lot where it is safe and ratt free because of Latrice. If everthing is true about her; as a tax payer I certainly understand anyone who has a bad tast in their mouth over this, but we all can get ahead of ourselves at times. So maybe we as a city should use this exsposer of how things are out of control with our municable set up, and demand that it gets fixed. I mean signing in on a time sheet in 2008???? Philly overall needs to get with the program. Lets not Just take it out on her. its everywhere. THanks Chris C

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