McCarthy Will Do Phillies Game for Fox

Weather permitting, Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy will do the Nationals-Phillies game for Fox Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m.  Tim McCarver and Ken Rosenthal round out the team.

So how does everybody like McCarthy’s expanded role this year?  I think he did a great job.  He works well with everybody.


10 responses to “McCarthy Will Do Phillies Game for Fox

  1. I thought at the begaiing of the season, Tom struggled to adjust to televison. Becasue he kept doing play-byplay like he was still on radio, However, as the season went along he got better. And I do agree that he seemed to get along with eeveryone he worked with this season.

  2. Maybe Fox Sports will hire him permanantly. That wat we can get rid of the blowhard.

  3. I have to desagree with the notion that Mcarthy is a blowhard. I think at the start of the season Tom talked a bit too mcuch during games, however, he has gotten better as the season has gone along.

  4. Tom McCarthy is a definite keeper.
    The Fightin’s have the best overall broadcast team in the majors as far as I’m concerned. Yes, that includes Wheels and Gary Matthews who is getting easier on the ears with each broadcast.

  5. Sarge and Wheels are the comic relief of the team. That said they do bring great insight to the game.

  6. I know they are some Phillies fans that dislike Wheeler, but you cna’t deny that he brigns some good insights to the game. Yes, can he be a bit of a windbag, of couse. But in this day and age witch announcer is not a windbag? Okay, Harry is not a windbag.

  7. Wheels…a bit of a windbag? If you look up the term “windbag” in your Webster’s dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Wheels (plus or minus the raccoon on his head). I had the pleasure of meeting three members of the broadcast team after a game in 1999, kind of a big thing for me as a, then, aspiring broadcaster and while Harry the K and LA couldn’t have been nicer guys, Wheels couldn’t have been more of a windbag. And, if I hear him say “middle in” one more time…

    As for T-Mac, he does a solid job. My problem is that at times he doesn’t show as much excitement as he probably should. When you’re a team’s broadcaster, you’re allowed to add some inflection to your call if your team does something positive. At times, he shows more enthusiasm towards a big play by a Phils opponent. Still, it’s a shame he didn’t get the chance to call the final outs of today’s clincher on FOX. Tim McCarver did, and by the way, Timmy is the worst thing that ever happened to baseball broadcasting.

    Okay, rant over. Way to go Phils!

  8. The reason why Mcarthy wasn’t in the booth for the final out of the game was because Fox (or the Phillies) wanted him down in the clubhouse for the celebration. It would have been nice to hear T-mac do the call on the final out of the game, but that’s how thigns unfolded. As far as Wheeler goes, yes, doens he mmeniton the word “middel in” too often? Of couse. But I don’t know how is that differnt from sarge menioning during a telecast “Riding the Cadialac” “Cartton LIke” (Whatever that means) And also mentioning JR Richard, Gregg Maddox every other telecast, that’s annoying too.

  9. The TV team is decent, but I think the radio duo of Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen is extremely underrated. Scott’s great with the PBP, Larry knows what he’s talking about, and they really seem to have gelled over the past year. They have great chemistry.

    Tom McCarthy is okay, Kalas is Kalas, and I can deal with Wheels (less said about Sarge the better), but I think the radio team is the best hands down.

  10. Well I have to say, t-mac did an adequate job! he is like a utility player on the broadcast team, can do a little bit of everything, but not really good at one or the other. It drove me crazy on comcast sportsnet how much face time they would give him, I think his mug was on the tv more in one season, compared to a career of harry the K! It is like they are forcing him down our throats! He seems like a good guy, though should be doing Jim Jackson’s job. He is a hockey guy and not baseball.

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