Phillies-Dodgers Game Five Thoughts

Here are some thoughts about the broadcast of the Phillies’ pennant clinching win over the Dodgers Wednesday night.

Celebrity Bailout – Most of the celebrities from the night before bailed, except for Mary Hart and her Dodgers’ “Letterman” sweater.  The only others spotted were Henry Winkler and Alyssa Milano.   Without real celebrites to see, we had to deal with the regulars behind home plate including the Milli Vanilli guy, the Dyan Cannon wannabe, and the L.A. lawyer.

Angel in the Outfield – Philly’s David “Angel” Boreanaz, the son of 6ABC’s Dave Roberts announced the Phillies starting lineup for Fox. Roberts was also at the game.

Stock Market Crash – With the stock market dropping every day, that e-trade commercial featuring the baby buying stocks isn’t so funny any more.

Chase Utley You Are the Man – Judging by the amount of people searching for Chase Utley on this site alone, Chase should be the next Phillie to land a national endorsement.

McCarver Corrects Error – Tim McCarver made it a point to say that Ryan Madsen had the 2nd best change-up on the team behind Cole Hamels, after saying the opposite in an earlier game.

Drayton Better, But Not Perfect – Philly newcomer Thomas Drayton didn’t embarrass himself as much on the pre-game show last night, but still made an error when he threw a report to Chickie’s and Pete’s on the South Side, instead of South Philly.

7 responses to “Phillies-Dodgers Game Five Thoughts

  1. Leave Drayton alone! He’s new, and from the other side of the country! He’s doing pretty good I think.

  2. FOX 29 had a pregame show? I kid. I just am one of the many who have a set and rigid routine. When the game is over, flip to SportsNet for the best coverage in the market.

  3. The guy who replaced Tolley is a joke! I guess fox 29 was looking to save some money. I know he is a local guy, though he is not ready for a prime time job.

  4. Oh, and also Pat Sayjack was spotted and so was Tim allen. They were both sitting front row. Mary Hart had the best seat in the house!

  5. He may be new – but he’s no stranger to the area. Drayton spent his adolescence in South Jersey.

  6. Laura…
    I seen Pat Sajak and his wife in the stands on Wednesday Night…Can’t believe you missed that one..

    Have a GREAT weekend

  7. Why is Keith Russell still on the station?

    His reports are always filled with mistakes. And as of late, he has become less of a reporter and more of a fan.

    Not to pile on, but Jamie Apody is pretty shaky too.

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