Jim Jackson Doubleheader

Flyers play-by-play announcer and Phillies pre and post game show host Jim Jackson was the busiest man in town yesterday.  Here’s his response to an email I sent him about how long his day went on Saturday:

Hi Laura,

SInce the Flyers moved their game up to 4 p.m., I was able to do both their game and the radio pre and post for the Phils.   So, I got to the sports complex in the early afternoon, dropped off my baseball work bag at the ballpark…walked over to the Wachovia Center, did the game (which happened to be one of the longest regular season games since the lockout thanks to several fights, an overtime and the smoke bomb tossed on the ice that delayed things).
Scott Franzke began our two hour Phillies’ pre-game show since I was a little late getting to the park.  The biggest problem of the day was that my scheduled ride from the arena to the ballpark couldn’t get to me due to all of the police called in after the smoke bomb incident.  So I jogged over, but unfortunately the heavens opened up, my umbrella went inverse and I got soaked.  What I sight I was when I got to the booth!  LOL
Anyway, I did the remainder of the pregame show and then took phone calls for another hour and a half during the rain delay before finally handing off to the guys to call the game just after 10 p.m. (at around 10:15 p.m.)  I was back for the postgame, just about finally having dried off!) between 1:30 and 2 a.m.  I remember signing off around 2:45 a.m. I think.   My head didn’t hit the pillow at home until somewhere between 3:30 and 4 a.m.
But you know what?!!  It’s all worth it.  I got to be part of two great sporting events and witnessed a Philadelphia sports team getting to within two wins of a championship!  I can sleep later!   🙂
Thanks for asking….sorry if this is a more detailed than you needed.   lol
Take care,

4 responses to “Jim Jackson Doubleheader

  1. Laura,

    Jackson isnt the only person working two sports this weekend. How ’bout Fox Sports, Chris Myers. He worked the Sat. World Series, Sun’s Atl.-Eagles and then Sun’s World Series. Wondering will he work Mon’s World Series also. We need to ask him how much sleep he is/was averaging by Tues morning when he leaves Philly.

  2. Jim Jackson > Chris Myers, nuff said.

  3. Jim, is a good guy so don’t take this the wrong way……but, there isn’t enough talent to have someone handle the job? The industry is tough to break into as is….he is a hockey guy and a good one. Give up the baseball.

  4. I like how he needed a scheduled ride to get from the arena to the ballpark. That is weak. Its a short walk. Please.

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