Viewers Couldn’t Turn to NBC10 For Post Game Coverage

When #54, Brad Lidge threw the third strike at 9:53 p.m. to win the World Series for the Phillies, every local station immediately went to live coverage of the city celebration except NBC10.

When I flipped around after 10 p.m., 6ABC, CBS3, CSN, and Fox29 were providing postgame coverage.  NBC10 aired the Brooke Shields’ show, Lipstick Jungle.

NBC10 finally covered the celebration during their 11 p.m. news with Tim Lake and Renee Chenault Fattah in their makeshift studio.  Then at 11:35, they went to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while all the other local stations stayed with the biggest sports story in 28 years. 

Score that – E- NBC10

16 responses to “Viewers Couldn’t Turn to NBC10 For Post Game Coverage

  1. F for Fox 29 bozo Joe Stazak. Asked what his key to the game would be, the best he could come up with was “Fans Rattle Rays Relievers”. Interviewed Mayor Nutter and stuck his chompers right in the Mayor’s face giving him no breathing room. Completely unprofessional all around.

    F for Fox29 studio boob Thomas Drayton for continually saying Citizens Bank Ballpark.

    How can this station trot out these two?

  2. Also, Joe Stazak within 8-10 inches of Jimmy Rollins for post-game interview. Give the guy some breathing room, Joe.

  3. I guess if it isn’t obama they won’t cover it.

  4. I agree with you Laura. I did same thing tuned to all stations. And where was NBC10. airing some
    dumb program; couldve postponed til early am.
    NBC10 MANAGEMENT yes in caps are low-class.
    Lake, Fattah all happy at the stoke of 11, i wanted
    to shake their booty. I loved Fox, CBS3 coverage
    were great.

  5. They were probably forced by the network not to break away from programing. Their master control is located at 30 Rock in New York and the call most likely came from up there not to cut in.

  6. And as far as them being in the basement, apparently you haven’t been watching the station very much as they’ve been doing the news from the 10! Show studio since late August while they renovate the main news studio.

  7. Nonetheless NBC10 has really slipped. Tim Lake is TERRIBLE! His voice is totally not cut out for anchoring, nor is his journalistic skills. I haven’t watched NBC10 in years because they just aren’t worth it. So plain, boring and I feel as if their news coverage is terrible. The ONLY person I like at that station is Tracy Davidson. He All that & More show is very informative.

  8. Yeah, NBC 10 really has gone down the tubes. They didn’t break into programming to announce Phillies had won, nor did they extend their newscast. They are supposedly supposed to be making budget cuts, yet they have so many anchors you lose track. To top it off, there are no such things as anchor teams, just people paired randomly for random newscasts. Tracy Davidson is awesome, but AT&M sucks. 10! isn’t that great either. And if they are going to cut people loose, how ’bout Glenn Schwartz. While he might know his stuff, his on-air presentation is awful!

  9. Agreed with the “Hurricane” comment. I feel as if they were trying to make a stand that all weather anchors don’t have to have blinding white teeth and beautfiul faces….yet, instead they put on a HUGE nerd, whom by the way is extremely rude! I work in radio and have interviewed Glenn a few times and he’s not a very nice person. How he landed the main gig leaves me beside myself.

  10. Regardless of who’s call it was as my honorable pal Eric mentioned above, 10 dropped the ball here. NBC’s lineup sure as hell ain’t setting the world on fire. They could have and should have broken in for coverage.

    That said, the best coverage, for me, by far and away, went to CSN’s Post Game Live. Yes, they had interviews later than most, but the interviews were great. And, the video of Kalas and Wheeler in the booth during the final out that they aired was classic.

  11. I watched channel 6, and I was amused when Jim Gardner and Gary Papa began bickering after Jim cut Gary off. Gary sarcastically said, “Always fun being with you, Jim.”

  12. Found it kinda interesting that there was NO interaction in the booth between Kalas and Wheeler. No high five. No acknowledgment of each other. No eye contact.

    Of course, they may have off camera.

    No time for any “Always fun being with you, Jim” type of snicker

  13. Going back to NBC10 and Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, they should can him and hire Paul Deanno (formerly of CBS3 and currently of NBC6 in Miami). He’s a familiar face, he has a great on-air presentation, he’s smart, he’s a rising star, plus he works at a previously owned and operated NBC station. This would be a great way for NBC (the network) to hold onto him as well.

  14. NBC 10 been suffering from NBC budget cuts.They overall anchorline up is just awful. Tim Lake aint no Jim Gardner even though i do like Renee. Who i think should want to go back to a early newscast for the sake of the station. Its a poorly run news operation when Monique Braxton they ace reporter, one of the best in town don’t sub anchor anymore. Its a crime only cause Aditi Roy is just not a strong anchor or Lynn Berry. They hire reporters., anchors on the cheap, Via Sick of hima is just awful as well. CBS 3 which is usually a mess is somewhat better with they anchorlineup even though Ukee is tiresome to watch. 6ABC shows why they are top rated ,they Phils coverage was excellent. Fox 29 is ok with the exception of Dawn Stensland who is excellent a real pro. But overall NBC10 news overall coverage has fallen off alot.

  15. I guess I’m in the minority, but I didn’t think that the other channels should even have spent that hour covering it because anyone who is a Phillies fan [or a baseball fan] was already watching Fox. The only reason I flipped the channel was to make sure that Dirty Sexy Money was on [since I was taping it]. Instead, all I heard and saw were Giggles Gardner and a bunch of people in the streets and the pubs. Why would any fan rather watch that instead of Fox’s coverage of the trophy presentations?

  16. the last out was at 9:58, and i would say the last 25 years for a sports story

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