Christmas Music Now

Now we know that Now 97.5-FM wants to compete with B-101, as it started playing holiday music Friday afternoon.

B-101 has been known for doing that for years.


8 responses to “Christmas Music Now

  1. UGH, UGH, UGH

    What was so bad about the years and years where stations mixed Christmas with their regular format and built up to the excitement of Christmas? And seriously, on Halloween? could we please actually have, you know, THANKSGIVING first?

  2. What a joke who wants to hear Christmas music this soon. B101 is a philly station, somewhat insitution. Why put xmas music on b4 thanksgiving are u kidding me?

  3. I tend to think that this is a stunt by WNUW (97.5) to try to force B101’s hand to go to Christmas music. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were just a weekend move to say “Celebrating the Phillies championship!” and really just trying to force B101 to do the same. Then come monday morning 97.5 flips back.

    Just an idea.

  4. 97.5 is playing the same loop of about 15 Christmas songs, if that.

  5. Yes. It definitely sounds temporary. The promos keep saying CHRISTMAS MUSIC NOW. Not Christmas music now through Christmas.

  6. Well played by Now. They didn’t get B101 to switch just yet. But it is a matter of time. Plus, I think B101 has to wait until Delilah sends out the Christmas feed PLUS her regular show to switch partially. IT seems like that is a huge factor every year.

    Regardless. They lasted till this morning. Must have had exec’s at B101 thinking about going. Good call I think. Got them to really up the Christmas graphics on the B101 website too.

  7. No way, B101 puts up their graphics nov. 1 each year. Plus, Delilah is already to go. B101 likes to wait until about nov.15 or so.

  8. Who Cares? Terrestrial radio is dead!

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