Phillies Stuff

Here are some observations from Wednesday night’s telecast of the Phillies World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays:

Good Sign for Phillies – The close-ups of pitcher Grant Balfour showed how nervous he was in the sixth inning.

Santa is a Phillies Fan – There was a fan dressed up as Santa, who like the Phillies, wears a red uniform. 

Switch Hitter – Mitch Williams excelled in both radio on WIP and WPHT and television on CSN this season.

Fox29 Error – When Fox29 did not renew the contract of Don Tollefson a few months ago, there was no way it could’ve known that the Phillies would be in the World Series, but without hiring a real replacement for him, the station scrambled with newcomer Thomas Drayton whose been in town for three seconds, vowel challenged Jeff Skversky and Joe Staszak, and television rookies Hugh Douglas and Anthony Gargano.  The only person on the broadcast with major experience was Bill Vargus. They could’ve used Tolley. 

Experience Wins Out – 6ABC, led by veterans Jim Gardner and Gary Papa provided the best coverage, and CSN did well with Michael Barkann, Neil Hartman, and Leslie Gudel leading the way.

Outta Here! – CSN struck gold with video of Harry Kalas calling the final out.  Kalas and broadcast partner Chris Wheeler managed to celebrate the big moment completely seperately, while together.  Imagine how they are when the cameras are off.

Best Postgame Accessory – Not the ready-to-sell championship hats and shirts, but the leis from Shane Victorino’s family.

Good Job – Keith Russell of 6ABC stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with his post-game interviews.

Strike-Out – NBC10 should be benched for airing Lipstick Jungle instead of the postgame celebration then airing The Tonight Show at 11:35.

Bush League – ESPN 950 goes local with Michael Bradley from 1 – 3 p.m….Thursday and Friday only.

Second Career – Scott Palmer, who retired from his sportscasting career at 6ABC a few years ago, is having a blast working for the Phillies.

9 responses to “Phillies Stuff

  1. Joe Staszak is simply horrible.

    Jeff Skeversky reminds me of the kid in high school who kept the stats for the games. Nice, smart, harmless, but really doesnt do much to add value to the broadcast.

    Combined, Jeff Skeversky and Joe Staszak are quite ineffective.

  2. I have to disagree with you Wacky Jack. I actually like Jeff Skeversky and Joe Staszak. They actually remind me of Billy V a lot. They know their stuff, and have a good on-air presentation. However, I think none of those three are great fit to be the LEAD sports guy at FOX29.

  3. If FOX 29 is looking for a lead anchor…well…they have my e-mail and my website…okay it’s not going to happen, but still!

  4. Just saw Fox29 Steve Keely bouncing around doing interviews along Broad St.

    Steve’s three most used “words”


    How can they put this guy out there who cannot pronounce standard English?

    Fox29 is on the downhill

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  6. Laura, I don’t think the releastionship between Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler is that bad. Actually, I think this season the releastionhsip has been as good as it has been in years at least on air. As far a sNBC10 goes, by not breaking into programing for the Phillies championship celebration they did a dissservice to every Phillies fan that watches that station. What a buch of dopes those people runnign NBC10 are. That’s why I wen to CSN and other stations that actually cared about the Phillies.

  7. Amazing how Santa was welcomed back into the good graces of Philadelphia after he was mercilessly booed at that football game…

  8. Laura;
    I think “Harry the K” is a special resource here in Philadelphia and I hope he keeps a’goin’ as long as he wants to. Our Phillies broadcast team is the best in baseball right now.
    But down the road ,I’ve always thought it would be neat if Harry’s son Todd were to join the broadcast team. Todd of course works for Tampa Bay. He may not be good enough to compete with the terrific Scott Franske or Tom McCarthy now, but it might be an eventual continuation like the Caray dynasty
    and Jack & Joe Buck.

  9. Laura
    Member with you at the Press Club –
    whatever happened to the traffic woman – Dorothy on Channel 29 – she was there for years – and why did John Ogden
    leave traffic at Channel 10.

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