Most of Philly Watches Parade on 6ABC

6ABC, led by Jim Gardner and Gary Papa easily earned the most viewers for the Phillies Parade of Champions on Friday.  Fox29, which carried the World Series, and got a head start with parade coverage thanks to its local morning show, Good Day Philadelphia, came in a surprising second place.

Here are the ratings:

Phillies Parade 12 – 5 p.m.


6ABC – 9.0 rating/23 share 267,000
Fox29 – 3.7 rating/9 share 108,000
CBS3 – 3.3 rating/8 share – 97,000 

NBC10 – 3.1 rating/8 share – 93,000

People 2 +
6ABC –  4.8 rating/23 share – 354,000
Fox29 – 1.8 rating/8 share – 131,000
CBS3 – 1.5 rating/7 share – 114,000
NBC10 – 1.4 rating/7 share – 106,000

Each rating point represents around 29,000 viewers.  So when we add up the four stations, that’s a total of 705,000 viewers.

Even though Comcast SportsNet is not listed, it should be commended for excellent coverage.  I caught their replay on Saturday (because I actually left my house and attended the parade on Friday).  Michael Barkann you are the man!


2 responses to “Most of Philly Watches Parade on 6ABC

  1. WackyJack WannaBe

    Comcast SportsNet was by far the best parade coverage. I checked out all of the other channels, but got so tired of the anchors blah, blah, blah, blah. Michael B. is great and having a former MLB pitcher in Mitch Williams really gave them the ability to convey what the players were experiencing and what it meant to them.

  2. haha oh 6abc

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