Phillies Trade Television Teams

The Phillies are trading CWPhilly for myphl17 for the next three seasons.  The team announced 17 will air 45 regular season games and 3 pre-season games.

In the announcement, Phillies executive David Buck said, “As an independent station, they have the ability to provide prime time coverage that will be complemented with the right balance of advertising and marketing support and we’re excited to have them on board again as our television rights holder.”

This is the third time with Channel 17 for the Phils.  Their games aired from 1971-1982 and 1993 – 1998.

The remainder of the games will continue on Comcast SportsNet.


5 responses to “Phillies Trade Television Teams

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  2. Laura, who host the pre and post game on 17?

  3. Laura, I didn’t see anything mentioned in the stament regarding this partnernishp, wheter Comcast Sportsnet will continue to produce thsoe game that are not on CSN? Or wheter Myphl 17 will produce their own games.

  4. This is not good for me. I live in Flemington, N.J. and Comcast only carries channels 29 and 57 here. No channel 17. Oh well. 😦

  5. will the games still be in HD and produced by Comcast SportsNet?

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