Larrypalooza Set For Monday

Fittingly, during the last week of November sweeps, former CBS3 news anchor Larry Mendte will be sentenced for illegally accessing co-anchor Alycia Lane’s email (Just think a year ago at this time they were both on CBS3).

The federal sentencing guidelines for this crime are 0-6 months in jail.

Mendte probably will get probation, but I think his best chance for forgiveness from the public is to do a little bit of jail time like Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart.  

If he gets probation, the public will feel that he got away with it, even though he’s lost his job.

Here’s what to watch for on Monday:

Will the recent news that Mendte may have also hacked into CBS3 meteorologist Doug Kammerer’s email impact his sentence?

Will Mendte put on the old anchor makeup and do another press conference after the proceedings if he doesn’t go to jail?

Will Alycia Lane show up to give a victim impact statement?

Will Mendte’s wife, Dawn Stensland be at the courthouse then do the 10 p.m. news on Fox29 that night?

Which reporter from Mendte’s old station will cover the proceedings?


8 responses to “Larrypalooza Set For Monday

  1. Are you kidding? He should go to jail? What is wrong with you? We have people who should be in jail out on parole killing cops. REAL criminals out on the streets and you want this man behind bars. You have lost all sense of reality.

  2. He’s a freakin harmless ex-news anchor…he doesn’t deserve jail time. He lost his $750,000 job…isn’t that enough?

  3. Doesn’t LM also have pictures of Halkett?

  4. You just lost me as a reader.

  5. I see Laura Innachurate is working again… The guidelines are zero to six months. Not zero to six months IN JAIL. The judge can assign some combination of jail, probation, house arrest or some other confinement.

  6. Thes best punishment would be to sit next to
    wife Dawn. Each time they go to a commercial
    on Fox 29 news, repeat to Dawn, ‘Dawn, i really
    messed up’

  7. Who’s Larry Mendte?

  8. I would find it a ridiculous waste of my tax $ if he went to jail.

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