Mixup Prevents Many Fans From Ohio State-Michigan Game

College football fans were disappointed when instead of Ohio State-Michigan, 6ABC aired the LaSalle-George Washington High School game on Saturday.

According to 6ABC, the college game was supposed to be moved to ESPN, but there were many Comcast viewers who did not get the OSU-MU game.  6ABC said it is looking into the mistake.


7 responses to “Mixup Prevents Many Fans From Ohio State-Michigan Game

  1. Why would Channel 6 say that? ESPN had another game on the books (West Virginia @ Louisville) nationally. That makes no sense. On another note, I heard that Keith Russell did the play-by-play and was atrocious.

  2. WackyJack, it DOES make sense for Channel 6 to say that. Each week, there are usually 2 or 3 games for 3:30pm (and 12noon sometimes) . One game is carried on ABC and the other on ESPN or ESPN2. The local ABC affiliates have the option of choosing which game to air first and then one of the other games is usually aired on ESPN or ESPN2. For instance, this past Saturday at 3:30, Channel 6 aired Penn State-Michigan State and ESPN aired Wake Forest-Boston College. But, in the Boston area, the local ABC affiliate aired WF-BC and ESPN aired PSU-MSU. So local affiliates can choose which feed they want to carry. By the way Laura, Michigan’s initials are UM, not MU.

  3. On another note, here in the Lehigh Valley, Ohio State-Michigan was on ESPN (and Geo. Wash-LaSalle was on 6). But we also get WNEP-16 (ABC affiliate in Scranton), which also had Ohio State-Michigan. So I was a bit disappointed there was two channels in the Lehigh Valley carrying OSU-UM, and none carrying West Virginia-Louisville. Why didn’t Channel 6 air the high school game on one of their subchannels? It is of no interest outside the city of Philadelphia. And as long as we are on high school football, it sucks that no one carried the Freedom-Liberty District 11 championship game live here in the Lehigh Valley (at least on RCN cable they didn’t).

  4. ABC had the game in Columbus.

  5. We had UM-OSU on ESPN up in Upper Montco on Saturday (we’re in the Comcast sphere as well up here). As for the public league (aka District 12) championship, there’s a fair bit of interest in how the Catholic schools perform as the Catholic League extends out into the burbs and play in District 12. La Salle Prep, FWIW, is in Montco.

  6. TVNewsLover you are correct with what you list for the 3:30 ABC/ESPN games in terms of the “reverse mirror” examples you cited, but not for this particular Michigan-Ohio State game. This was always an ABC network game from ESPN with a 12ET start, with the switch of bumping UM-OSU to ESPN in the Phila market only. This would have subsequently bumped WVU-Lville in the Phila market. Either way, there was no good news for college football fans, even though UM-OSU was lackluster this year (imagine if both teams were highly ranked).
    With all due respect to high school football and the good it serves the community, this HS game should have been streamed online and promoted to the 0.05% of the market who cared. Questionable, “small thinking” in the digital age for local station execs. who don’t give a darn that the other 99.5% of folks in the market had zero interest in this HS game, especially college football fans.

  7. The Michigan/Ohio State game was shown on regular ESPN while West Virginia/Louisville was shown on ESPN HD.

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