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Believe it or not, a local television station is actually hiring.  According to a job posting on, the the station is looking for a sports anchor/reporter.  A 6ABC spokesperson confirmed that because of the addition of the show High School Huddle and more sports specials, 6ABC needs a fourth person to join Papa, Jamie Apody and Keith Russell.

Get ready to be flooded with resumes from CN8 people, 6abc!


11 responses to “Job Posting For Sports Anchor/Reporter on

  1. Too bad that posting is not to replace Russell and Apody. Both are as awful as they were when they arrived in town. Russell’s fake enthusiasm and corny phrases are bush league. Apody still thinks she is a Fraternity House Little Sister. For a station with such good talent, these two are the bottom feeders.

  2. Wacky Jack:
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Russel is awful. Cocky but not in a good way

  3. I agree with Wacky Jack, Keith Russell is an embarrassment with his comments. If you take the weekends week to week only the scores change, same script different sports scores and teams. They need to get someone creative not just a body from this area. Just because your from Philly doesn’t mean your good.

  4. Totally agree. Keith Russell is absolutely awful. I can’t believe that WPVI even hired him to begin with. Someone needs to tell him that he’s no longer on SportsCenter on ESPN and that his stupid phrases were passe in 1995. His play by play of the City Championship game last weekend was weak at best. Other than looking decent on camera and having a good voice, I don’t see how he got to where he is.

    I’m also not a big fan of Apody. Wacky Jack nailed it exactly!! Your comparison to a fraternity house little sister couldn’t be any better! I’ve been searching for the words to explain her to someone and now I have them, thanks to Jack.

  5. To Kyle’s point, I sadly heard Russell on the HS game. Kid takes the kickoff, runs about 15-20 yards to the 25, gets hit and goes down.

    Russell’s call went like this “Kickoff taken out past the 15, to the 20, and KNOCKED DOWN. NOT GOING ANYWHERE? GRAB A SNICKERS”

    Absolutely awful.

  6. I know she has a full plate with WIP and her other responsibilities but Rhea Hughes would be perfect, and a breath of “fresh” air at ‘PVI. Great for the ratings too.

  7. I heard that the NBC station in New York released their morning sports person a few days ago. His name is Otis Livingston. If his name sounds familiar, he used to work at WPHL-TV as their weekend sports guy. Maybe he could take this job.

  8. Dave DeCandis from KTKA in Topeka is available and he is really good at on Air, field interviews, editing and shooting. Check him out at

  9. Hello… 😉

  10. I’m fan of political discussions and the like. I identify as moderate/centrist. I’m a college Sophomore.

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