WIP GM Confirms Jan Is Gone

In an email, WIP general manager Marc Rayfield confirmed that long-time on-air person Jan Gorham left the station.

Thanks to the comments on this web site, we learned that Gorham retired.


6 responses to “WIP GM Confirms Jan Is Gone

  1. Good for her to hopefully enjoy retirement, sad to see the one last voice from the old WIP I grew up with off of 610. No disrespect to the sports version of 610, it’s just not my thing, and I fondly remember the last decade or so of the great MOR/AC version of WIP. News updates around the clock from in-house people (not network radio), great personality, fun games, good music.

  2. Aww. I’m going to miss Jan’s voice weeknights. Yet another old school professional leaves the airwaves.

    I’ll never forget when Jan called out Ed Wade on a conference call he held for the reporters in the market. She asked the question “What are your thoughts on the rumors of you possibly being fired at the end of the season?” which apparently caught the entire conference call off guard and left Ed Wade stammering trying to find an answer to the question and John Clark chimming in saying ” leave it to the person from WIP to ask that question”.

  3. Rich D'Ambrosio

    Jan was a reporter for the great WIP news team of the 1970s and early 1980s. Outside of Paul Kurtz and Merrill Reese, I don’t think any of the WIP news/sports anchors are on the air here. Gordon Thomas and John Paul Weber passed away, and I don’t know what ever happened to William Paine, Steve Ross, Richard Scott, or Ron Gold. I really believe that WIP’s seven minute newscast was better than an 22 minutes of KYW in the 1970s. There will never be another station like 610 WIP in its heyday. Enjoy your retirement, Jan.

  4. Jan Gorham was one of a kind. I am somewhat amazed that WIP let her slip quietly into the night after 35 years on the air there, without make some kind of fuss. But then again, Jan was always a very private person.

    Rich D you are correct that there will never be another news department like the one at WIP in the 70’s. Though I went on to many other great things in Philly Radio and TV(before moving to Tennessee and semi-retirement) I consider my time at the old WIP as among the highlights of my career

  5. Hey, I miss Jan already. She was always interesting and entertaining. Her work ethic was evident as virtually everyone of her 60 second, every half hour for ten hour news updates (7:10PM – 5:10AM, M-F, over the last number of years) were new, different, and worth a listen. She is truly missed, a voice of rare, true professionalism on all of Philadelphia radio, not just WIP.

    She left Thanksgiving weekend, her leaving mentioned only by overnight DJ Big Daddy Graham briefly the following Monday at 5:30AM. Very sad we were not given a heads up to say goodbye.

  6. WIP listeners miss you Jan.

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