KYW Newsradio Hands Off Sportscasts to WIP

According to industry sources, KYW Newsradio will cut its weekend sportscasters and hand off the assignment to sister station, WIP.

Both are owned by CBS Radio, as well as WOGL and WPHT here.

KYW did not immediately respond to an email about the new arrangement.

This news comes a day after it was reported that CBS3 cut around a dozen behind the scenes people, with possibly some on-air people next.


7 responses to “KYW Newsradio Hands Off Sportscasts to WIP

  1. Hopefully they can Jeff Asch. His sense of humor is quite lame, with outdated references which do not work.

    He thinks he is on a stage, when all he has to do is read off scores.

  2. I thought I heard some new ‘amateur’ voices on air recently.. must be the replacements

  3. One other KYW comment…driving home from the Eagles game on Monday night…. old traffic guy John Valerio was on the air. Did a nice job doing standard 1060 stuff…

  4. How many more cuts in the radio and tv media here. Soon, 1060 will be going with anchors on 4-6 hour shifts, ala music d.j.’s.

  5. I hope they don’t move Kevin Scholla. He is one of the best update anchors in the area. His weekend reports are heads and above the rest of the KYW weekend sports staff. Schola and Harry Donahue are the only two sports people at KYW worth listening to. The rest of them either sound horrible or focus on the most irrelevant topics. One night I actually heard KYW run reports on minor league hockey and division 3 basketball before NFL playoff scores!

  6. Well said, Bentley! Kevin Scholla is by far the best sports anchor there. Even my wife likes listening to him and she has no interest in sports. He has a great voice, his delivery is spot on, and the arrangement and flow of his casts is very smooth. I too, like Donahue and I also like Tom Maloney. He sounds pleasent. Other than Scholla, Donahue, and Maloney, though…forget it! Asch is too much with the “jokes”….The other three on that station all sound like cartoon characters. One more nasal than the next.

  7. They had Jeff Asch doing sports on Sunday night! That is terrible. I hope that doesn’t continue. Kevin Scholla is much better. I think Scholla was doing news instead. Asch had a hard time reading the scoreboards. No flow at all to his reports.

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