CN8’s Gregg Murphy Appears on Comcast SportsNet

Gregg Murphy, the former host of Out of Bounds on CN8, which is relaunching as The Comcast Network in January of 2009, appeared on Comcast SportsNet Friday as a reporter.

Out of Bounds, as well as other CN8 shows such as Your Morning, It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle, and Money Matters Today With Mary Caraccioli aired their final shows last week.

According to industry insiders, Murphy, who still is under contract with Comcast, will move to CSN.

Under the new Comcast arrangement, Comcast SportsNet is running The Comcast Network.

12 responses to “CN8’s Gregg Murphy Appears on Comcast SportsNet

  1. That’s a positive. Gregg was light years better than Lou Tilley and his ego (which probably was bigger than his ‘stache back in the day) as CN8 sports director.

  2. Thanks to 76ers game in Denver, the Flyers@Blackhawks is shown tonight on CN8 in horrendous low-definition.

    Grainy picture. Low budget. Poor graphics. Awful sound quality.

    Why even bother to put this on the air?

    Comcast really needs to put a little $$$ into the “Comcast Network” once CN8 finally rots and dies.

  3. Wacky Jack, could not agree more. Whenever CSN takes over CN8, they need to get a high def channel.

  4. By the way, its great to see Greg Murphy has landed somewhere becasue he made that Out of Bounds show watchable.

  5. Murphy was a pretty good host. Lets hope Jeff Rickard doesnt make the move though. He was so dry and doesnt seem like a Philly fit.

  6. Comcast delivers more HD content than anyone. You want more?

  7. Yes, when it comes to the new Ccomast network. When they show the Flyers, Sixers or Phillies games they need to have a hgh def channel. Becasue after you get used to watching those games on high def for most of the season , and then yoi have to tune in to CN8 to watch this games in low def, its jsut frustraing.

  8. Laura,
    Thank you for sending my initial inquiry on to Comcast. I have been away over the holidays and saw the Comcast response. There are two issues here concerning Comcast SportsNet, and let me take Mr. Fitzpatrick’s response piece-by-piece.

    1. TF said: “We are not required to make it (CSN-Philly) available to satellite companies.” That is true because of a loophole in how CSN-Philly transmits its signal, but why not offer it to DirecTV? Why stop with Verizon, RSN and other smaller providers.
    Why is Philly carved out when CSN is on in the other markets mentioned? Why shouldn’t someone in Philly be allowed to watch CSN on DirecTV when you can in Chicago?

    2. TF said: “The satellite companies have a fair amount of exclusive programming of their own, most notably the NFL Sunday ticket, which is not available to any cable customer in the country”.
    Why does Comcast keep bringing up Sunday Ticket’s exclusivity to DirectTV when we ask about CSN-Philly to be on DirecTV like it is in the other markets? Why bunch Philly DirecTV subscribers into Comcast’s ongoing relationship with the NFL. That has nothing to do with us. The other stated reason why the NFL originally did not want Sunday Ticket on cable is that many fans would not watch the four local games on cable in that market by buying the Sunday Ticket package. I am all for Sunday Ticket going to cable and satellite.

    3. TF said: “Comcast does not carry out-of-market regional sports networks, as the reader states. However, all pro content on out-of-market RSNs is blacked out per league rules.”
    Yes, but there’s so many other programs on those channels other than games that when purchased with the game broadcasts like Extra Innings, ESPN Fullcourt, and the NCAA March Madness, makes a great compliment. DirecTV offers some 37 RSN’s for $12/month.

    Issue #2 OK Mr. Fitzpatrick, if CSN-Philly is not on DirecTV, I am willing to pay for it each month to you directly for a whopping $3.00 a month, the same as ESPN charges. Basic cable duplicates everything I already have on DirecTV except CSN, CN8 which is changing, the local weather on the 8’s on TWC, and local town/school board meetings. So please, just sell me CSN a la carte. Mr. Fitzpatrick?

  9. BB, I believe that Cocmast offers other CSN satiosn such as, CSN- Chciago, CSN-Mid Atllantic, CSN-Bay Area on Direct TV, but not CSN- philly. I agee with you regarding Ccomast bringing up the fact that Direct TV has exclusive rights to NFL Sunday ticket, What does that have to do with the fact that CSN-Philly is not on Direct TV in the Philly area?It makes no sense. I understand that Cocmast and the NFL are in a leagal battle right now over the NFL Network, but hat has nothing to do with Sunday ticket and CSN-Philly in the Philly area.

  10. My 2 cents … Comcast knows full well that if CSN-Philly was offered on Direct TV – they would see an exodus of customers not seen since Moses parted the Red Sea.

  11. The reason why CSN has new sets, its because they need it to upgrade them for HD. And they look great by the way. And it was time that they upgraded their website, because the one that they had was just not cutting it. Their new one is miles away from their old one.I was also glad to see that CSN upgraded their graphiscs, becasue the ones that hey had were getting outdated.

  12. Charlie from Maryland

    I find it hard to navigate finding out if Phillies Comcast games will be shown on DirectTV. Can you help me? Thanks.

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