The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Vacation

It was great that the Eagles smashed the Cowboys, but because it happened between Christmas and New Year’s, on Comcast SportsNet Eagles Post Game Live, it was third-stringer Ron Burke instead of Michael Barkann or Neil Hartman; and on WIP Monday morning, instead of Angelo Cataldi, it was Big Daddy Graham and other replacements.


16 responses to “The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Vacation

  1. As usual, Big Daddy was unbearable.

    His jokes and comments not funny.

    And his shameless plugs really get to the listener after awhile. How many times do I need to hear about his lame comedy shows, PJ Whelihans, and other establishments?


    And Ron Burke did fine on PGL. Ron is a good guy, a good reporter, and a capable host.

  2. My Golden Globe Vote

    Both shows suffer so much when Cataldi is not on the air and when Barkan is not around CSN. They both do a terrific job. BTW, did you notice how many callers there were this morning from Blue Bell? Either Big Daddy was bumping them up in the queue, or he thought he was still at Whelihans.

  3. I wouldn’t lsiten to Big Dddy if my life depended on it. Big Daddy is nothing more than a big fat dope. Why doens anyone still lsten to WIP anymore? All they have on that station is a bucnh of tools, Led by Howard Eskin. The only peorson that is at least for me is barable on that staion is, Ray Didinger.

  4. I hear you, Miguel. But I think Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano are quite good. Eskin just creates a black hole in the middle of the station for me, though. I just can’t listen to him.

  5. i ashould have maentioned Macnaow and Gargano as ones that I enjoy listenig to on WIP. But sometiems they can get some of Esokin-idis and start hanging on callers becasue they think they are morosn, and after a while that gets annoying.

  6. Sorry, again, Morons.

  7. WIP is simply awful radio. Period. Have not listened in a long time, and I am still a well-informed, entertained sports fan living in the Philly area.

  8. I cculd not agree more. Like I mentioned earleier, ecept for a few host, I cna’t stand listening to WIP. All they do is the same junk every single day. Hang up on callers, Call them morons, doopes, etc. You can do that wehn somone is clearly out there, but not for most of the show.

  9. I watched post-game live after the game and thought to myself that Ron Burke did a tremendous job and was a refreshing change from Barkann. Ron is under-used at CSN. Neil Hartman brings nothing. Barkann is OK…but gawd, you can smell his horrible cologne thru the TV. Tone it down MB.

  10. Good to know that others feel the same way about Big Daddy.

    His website is also a disaster.

  11. Big Daddy – like King Eskin; ya either like him or ya’ don’t. He does have his following, and he is WIP’s King of self-promotion.

  12. By hte way, That Phil Andrews that posted earlier, Was that hte former CSN and channel 6 anchor?

  13. Big Daddy is the JOKE! shameful!

  14. I agree with all that WIP and Big Daddy are a
    joke. I wrote a letter a few years ago commenting
    on the lack of sports talk at WIP. They do seem
    to do a little better since we now have an alternative. 950 sometimes is better but not
    always. They need to get more sports programming on the weekend. Say goodbye to
    the medical and financial shows. We can get non
    sports talk from Big Daddy. I also believe Rob
    Ellis and Hugh Douglas did not need that Bozo to help them with the show.

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