10! Show Looking For Chef

NBC10 will be holding on-air auditions to become the chef for the 10! Show.

Five contestants will be selected to compete on television and the winner will get to join the show permanently with Bill Henley and Lori Wilson.

The 10! Show airs weekdays at 11 a.m. on NBC10.

This isn’t the first time NBC10 has held an open casting call for a job.  Traffic reporter John Ogden (who just departed the station) was hired after he won The Greatest Summer Gig Ever contest.

3 responses to “10! Show Looking For Chef

  1. I like this idea, because it might drive up some interest for the 10! Show, which on most days is unwatchable.

    Lori seems like a nice gal, but Henley
    brings little to the table.

    Maybe the Chef can whip up a new
    recipe for success! HA!

  2. Something tells me this gig will be far shorter lived than Ogden’s. With lousy ratings, how much longer before NBC decides to plug in some new syndicated entry or another?

  3. Allison Barshak would be a natural, but she has enough going on already.

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