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Former Philly TV Personality Mentioned On MNF

Former NBC10 meteorologist Amy Freeze was mentioned on Monday Night Football during the Packers-Bears game on ESPN.

Mike Tirico, Tony Kornheiser, and Ron Jaworski were talking about a pre-game cheer for Freeze, who now works for the Fox affiliate in Chicago, who reported on the cold conditions for the crowd.

Tirico said, “Freeze can’t be her real name.”  (It is.)

New Year’s 2009

CBS3 will air the New Year’s Eve fireworks from Penns Landing, December 31 at 11:30 p.m.  Susan Barnett and Chris May host.

myPHL17 will air the Mummer’s Parade New Year’s Day.  Steve Highsmith leads the coverage.

Happy New Year!

Booker Booked on VH1

Former Q102 morning man Chris Booker can be seen on VH1’s Top 40 Videos of 2008. Among those making the cut is Doylestown’s Pink with So What.

Dawn’s Discovery

Finally, hear Dawn Stensland’s side of the story in the Larry Mendte-Alycia Lane saga in the upcoming issue of Philadelphia magazine.

In a preview of the article by Vicky Glembocki (who wrote a cover story about Lane last year), we learn that Stensland discovered that her husband Larry Mendte bought his co-anchor Alycia Lane a gift for more than $1000 from Tiffany, that Stensland suffered a miscarriage in October of 2008, and more.

Also, Alycia Lane’s attorney Paul Rosen calls Mendte a “lovesick obsessed stalker” and advises Stensland to get a divorce.

More KYW Stuff

If the plan to have WIP provide sports updates for KYW on the weekend happens, according to industry sources, Ed Benkin and Jeff Asch, who are both part-timers, will lose hours but will continue working.

They will have the ability to write for the KYW web site.   Benkin will most likely continue reporting on Sixers and Eagles games. 

Also, Tom Maloney will continue to report on Flyers and Phillies games.

The History of Howard Stern: Act II

Philadelphia listeners can relive the “funeral” of John DeBella on The History of Howard Stern: Act II on Howard 100 and Howard 101 on Sirius Radio.

DeBella, who rebounded from that low point of his career, and is successfully ensconsed at WMGK these days, provides commentary for the special.

The History of Howard Stern: Act II is a two week, behind the scenes look at the career of Howard Stern.

Asch, Benkin Among Cuts

According to industry sources, Jeff Asch and Ed Benkin are among those who will lose their sports update shifts on KYW Newsradio on the weekend to WIP people.

In a previous post, we reported that WIP, a fellow CBS station will provide sports updates for KYW on the weekend.

Also, we are hearing that Tom Maloney will lose his shift, but continue to report from sporting events in town.

Comcast Responds to Question About DirecTV

In a previous post, a reader asked why Comcast SportsNet is not available for DirecTV subscribers.

Comcast spokesperson Tim Fitzpatrick responded,

Hi Laura. 
The reader raises a number of questions, but here’s the short answer:
Because of the type of technology used to deliver the network to individual cable companies, we are not required to make it available to satellite companies because Congress wanted to foster local competition.  Comcast goes beyond what is required and does share the network with competitors to Comcast including Verizon, RCN, and some other smaller providers.  The satellite companies have a fair amount of exclusive programming of their own, most notably the NFL Sunday ticket, which is not available to any cable customer in the country, Comcast or otherwise, but such exclusivity allows for competitors to distinguish themselves.  It is also worth pointing out that this is the same technology that our predecessor network, PRISM, used, in which Comcast had no stake.
A few other points:
Comcast does make the NFL Network available to any customers that want it.
Comcast does not carry out-of-market regional sports networks, as the reader states.  However, all pro content on out-of-market RSNs is blacked out per league rules.  For example, if we carried NESN, home of the Red Sox, here is Philadelphia, all the games would be blacked out.  We do carry league-administered out-of-market packages (MLB extra innings, NHL Center Ice and the NBA out of market package.  As mentioned above, the NFL package is not available for us to carry because of the exclusive deal with DirecTV.
Hope this helps to clarify things.

It’s a Wonderful Life For Fox29 Weatherman

Fox29 weatherman David Aldrich channels his George Bailey in this web extra.

Before Adrich became a broadcaster, he dabbled in acting, appearing as an extra in 1989’s Dead Poets Society which filmed in Delaware.

Game Changers Feature Becomes Special

Tennis legend Billie Jean King headlines NBC10’s Game Changers special, Friday, December 26 at 7 p.m. on NBC10.

Jade McCarthy of NBC10 Sports hosts. 

McCarthy will become a game changer herself, as her wedding is scheduled for the fall of 2009.