First Impressions of Amy Fadool

I caught new Comcast SportsNet personality Amy Fadool on SportsNite Friday. She was trying too hard to be funny, but for the most part, she seems like she’ll be fine.

Also seeing her paired with John Boruk led me to think could this be the Neil Hartman and Leslie Gudel of the future?


14 responses to “First Impressions of Amy Fadool

  1. Where ever she has worked in the past they seem to rip her for the same type of mistakes! She is a good looker with no real substance, that seems to be the M.O on her. I can’t beleive she worked in Nashville and Baltimore she seems very green!

  2. From what I saw of her this past Friday night, I think she is going to be fine. I do agree with Laura, that she tried too hard to be funny, Maybe it was the fact that she was paired with John Borek and she wanted to keep up with his one liners.

  3. Hartman and Gudel is irreplaceable. They’re great together.

  4. As per Amy, the head coach at St Joe is Phil Martel.

  5. John Boruk’s a dork! It’s about time they get some new blood in there. Dei’s looking like a fullback these days and Leslie is starting to look like a lineman.

  6. Check out the lack of wedding ring on Leslie. Its been off for quite some time now.

  7. My Golden Globe Vote

    Maybe only because her finger (like her) has gained weight and it no longer fits? Fadool is not a very good reporter and the descriptions of her looks have also been over rated. And they let Phil Andrews and (maybe) Steve Bucci go? Are they trying to turn into a broadcast TV 610 WIP?

  8. I watched Amy painfully in Baltimore…whew…u guys can have her… SHE SUCKS… listen carefully for ALLLLLLLL the mistakes

  9. i’m from baltimore & i miss her! i also wasn’t sure about her when she started, but she quickly won me over. she developed a good rapport with ravens & orioles players, & she doesn’t take herself too seriously. kristen besset, her replacement, is a former beauty queen who doesn’t know jack about sports. so consider yourselves lucky!

  10. Amy is showing major cleavage tonight (Feb. 27th SportsNite). I think she’s 10 times better than Leslie and Dee “I only have a job in sportscasting because my father is Jim” Lynam.

  11. Who cares if she sucks at reporting. She is hot. That’s all that matters.

  12. Amy Fadool, looks OK, comes across as another dumb blonde. Isnt one Leslie Guidel enough?
    Although i guess its hard to judge someone who just reads from a screen.
    Maybe comcast should consider a dicussion show similar to Daily News Live that will allow the viewers to get to know these talking mouth pieces that read the news……By the way I still think Jade McCarthy of NBC 10 is the sexiest sports chick in Philly……

  13. Someone needs to write things phonetically for her so she can pronounce Paula Creamer’s name correctly.

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