87.7-FM Likely to Get a Reprieve

With the probable delay of the digital conversion until June, that means that 87.7-FM, which airs 6ABC shows, will survive a few months longer.


8 responses to “87.7-FM Likely to Get a Reprieve

  1. Laura;
    Do you think we partisans of 87.7 have any chance if we contact WPVI management
    about them continuing to run audio after the conversion, since they say they are not giving up the frequency. Do it as a public service or sell advertising on it, but don’t lose the good will to KYW. They have been running promos for the past few months saying “set that 1st button to 1060 – you will no longer get the news on 87.7.
    Action News is still the No.1 news format in this market and a lot of people in their cars and elsewhere stay up to date listening to 87.7.
    We even listen to “This Week” Sunday mornings on the way to services.
    Let’s grassroots this issue now.

  2. Umm they are giving up the frequency as part of the switch to digital. They will no longer have a license to broadcast on it. So you’re just gonna have to get over it.

  3. I listen to Action News, Jeopardy, World News or Good Morning America depening on when I’m commuting on a given day, and I can’t imagine in two weeks what it will be like not to have that option. My entire life that I can remember, my parents’ cars and then my own cars always had a preset for 87.7. Yet another, albeit minor, loss caused by needless government intrusion.

  4. Hal -Whenever the switcheroo happens., its out of the station’s hands..

    Good idea but the petition probably won’t get too far. Its in the hands of your Uncle Sam.

  5. Hello all,

    With the switch to digital, after the switch are stations moving off the VHF band? I heard that channel 6 is staying on channel 6, but is channel 3 changing stations? or are they just going to get redirected?

  6. Does anyone know if radios with the two tv station bands will be affected by the digital switch? I imagine that they are not analog signals; but if not digital, what are they?

  7. They are analog signals that are picked up. They pick up TV signals just like a TV, but just only process and play the audio from the signals. My assumption is that those radios will be obsolete as well.

  8. Michael,
    Most stations are moving off the VHF band because there is too much interference with digital signals in that range. Channel 6 decided not to move and stay at 6 knowing fully that it might not be the greatest signal. It might just make it easier for people to find the station, I assume.

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