Walter Perez Pinch Hitting In Sports

With sports director Gary Papa off the air indefinitely due to a medical procedure from two weeks ago, 6ABC news anchor Walter Perez is helping out the sports department of  Jamie Apody and Keith Russell.

Although viewers know Perez  mostly as a news person, he previously worked as a color analyst for Princeton basketball for five years. 

Plus, he’s a graduate of Duke University, which makes it a requirement for him to know college basketball.


10 responses to “Walter Perez Pinch Hitting In Sports

  1. Thats the problem when a news dept cuts back.

  2. thedogatemyhomework

    I prefer Perez as a fill in to Keith. He just tells the sports’s not all about him. Am very sorry to hear that Gary P is not feeling well yet.

  3. Um, Bart, did you read the story? It’s because someone is out sick. A three-person sports staff is quite adequate for a broadcast station nowadays.

  4. Perez is much better than Keith Russel. Did you see him on the field when the Phillies won the World Series? He was horrible. Half of the time he was trying to get the players on the field to give “the Action News team” props, while ignoring that he was not the news story. He kept trying to get the players to recognize “how good a team the Action News sports team is,” and asking if since the player (sorry, I don’t remember who the player was) said he loved Jamie Apote, if he had any love for him too.

    I was appalled. I could barely watch, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell WPVI was thinking when they hired this egotistical bastard.

  5. Once again, its interesting to see how another reader feels about Keith Russell.

    Nobody likes him, his style, his approach, or anything he does on the air.

    He tries way too hard to be too cool and too funny. And it never works.

    Walter Perez is a good news man and shows his versatility by pitching in on the sports front.

    Kudos to Walter.

  6. Does Perez have a background in sports? I know he has hosted the 6abc high school football show but was curious if he had done sports prior to 6 abc.

  7. Everytime I see or heear Russell, It reminds mo of how much I miss Phil Andrews.

  8. Goober, I can’t agree with you more. Thankfully, Comcast Sportsnet picked up both Rob Burke and Phil Andrews so those talents can still be enjoyed in Philadelphia. Is it just me, or has Comcast Sportsnet picked up most of the discarded Philly sports news talent? First Ron hartman, then Lou Tiley, then Ron Burke, then Phil Andrews. Who’s next? Don Tolefson?

  9. If you want the station to fire Russell, go to this link and complain: If more people complain to the station directly, the more likely that he might be let go.

  10. you guys are not fair, I keep reading the same snippets over and over again about keith russell. give this guy a break, he’s grown on me all these years so he’s ok now, but i would never say he’s bad..not at all. As for Perez, while easy on the eyes, he’s just as goofballish as Russell. Ever hear him joke on the weekend morning broadcasts? It’s not funny, but those lips and eyes, ummmmmmmmm.. that’s all i really watch him for. .eye candy

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