Jade McCarthy To Try News

NBC10 sportscaster Jade McCarthy will be giving news a try, as she will fill in on an upcoming weekend morning newscast, anchoring alongside John Blunt.

McCarthy is just one of a few who have subbed since Lynn Berry departed for WNBC in New York City.


4 responses to “Jade McCarthy To Try News

  1. thedogatemyhomework

    I can see her anchoring. It’s not all that easy putting together and presenting a sports broadcast…she’s done it well.

  2. “Lynn Berry departed for WNBC in New York City.” I didn’t know that until now. When did she leave?

  3. Lynn left Christmas Eve.

    Jade has anch0red the weekend morning news before and did very well. I hope it’s a permanent thing. Incidentally though, if they are going to have her anchorning those newscasts then there really is no need to have the sports anchor from the night before taping the sports segment. Just have her do it live (Bill O’ Reilly reference not intended).

  4. Jade does have a news background. From what I understand, Philly was her first time actually doing sports full-time.

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