CWPhilly News at 10 p.m. Debuts

The debut of Eyewitness News on CW57 earned a 1 rating/1 share, but at least it takes Dr. Phil off the air one less time.

Former Fox29 news anchor Dave Huddleston is the main anchor.

So did you notice at 10 p.m., all the meteorologists have ties to Channel 10?  It’s Glenn Hurricane Schwartz on myPHL17, former Channel 10 weather man Doug Kammerer on 57, and former Channel 10 weather man John Bolaris on Fox29.


13 responses to “CWPhilly News at 10 p.m. Debuts

  1. Russell Stewart

    That show is a waste of time, nothing CW about it. Same old CBS-3 anchors, reporters with CBS-3 mike flags, all blue graphics. They should have made it young and hip w fresh faces but they’re to cheap. Shiller & Colleran are on they’re way out.

  2. Russells’s vendettas aside, one point Laura: it actually doesn’t take Dr. Phil off per se; instead, the repeats have moved to mornings. He’s still got two hours a day. Though it raises the interesting question of what happens the days CBS doesn’t feed Guiding Light and KYW has to fill the hour. Usually they’ve used Phil there.

  3. Oops. I was so busy trying to put a zinger in about Dr. Phil, I forgot he’s on at 10 a.m.

  4. I’m going to give CW57 a try. Well anything beats Fox29.. (chuckle)… andI like Dave Huddleston alot. My bet is always for the younger talent in Doug Kammerer when compared to his ex station weatherguys. ” Huricane” and “Greaseball” are so 90’s.

  5. I agree with Russel. I was thinking the show would take some of the production values like graphics and music from the morning show over to the night show. It seems to me like it’s a half hour promo for the 11PM news. At least 10 does a half-hearted attempt at trying to distinguish their 10PM offering on 17 from the 11PM news.

  6. It was always going to be branded as Eyewitness News, so I don’t know why anyone would have thought it would look like Wake Up News. Having it be much like the 11 pm news makes sense: unlike mornings, it’s not in competition with the sister station, so why not offer a similar newscast (not identical, just similar) for those whose schedules make staying up that extra hour a bit difficult?

  7. I watched the CW 10pm news, and while i like Dave Huddelston is was basically just ending reports with…”stay tuned for more info on CBS3 AT 11!” Why would I watch CW to only get half the story when I can get the full story on FOX 29?

  8. I see no point for this newscast. All they are doing is putting Eyewitness news on an hour earlier. While that gives them more eyes, the 10 PM news market is saturated enough. Plus, CW doesn’t get great ratings anyways, so…I don’t understand why they think a newscast would do well anyways.

  9. MNTV doesn’t get great ratings either, but MyPHL17 still has a newscast. And while the 57 newscast is putting Eyewitness News on an hour earlier, isn’t 17 putting on “NBC10 News” an hour earlier? The 10pm news market is just as saturated as the 11pm news market.
    I do agree that it seems stupid to say “watch CBS 3 at 11 for more information”. Why not just say that once at the end of the newscast?
    Lastly, I don’t like the name of the newscast as it is. They should put the CW part at the beginning (CW Philly Eyewitness News at 10).

  10. This one’s easy, folks. Don’t watch! Anyone still wasting ANY amount of their 24 hours in a day watching the garbage emanating from local TV newsrooms gets exactly what they deserve – the dumbing down of America. You’re doing exactly what the news directors, some of the scummiest people on earth, want you to do, drink the Kool Aid. Don’t do it. There’s plenty of ways to be informed and entertained on one’s own schedule, not when it’s being dictated to you by a TV station who decides what propaganda (depending on the affiliation) they are going to insult you with. Stop watching, send a message to these people, we’re too smart to fall for their nonsense.

  11. We get it, Dunn. We don’t agree. Not everyone belives TV news is some great evil; in fact, some of us intellient folks know quite the opposite to be true. Apparently you have some kind of issue with news directors.

  12. Thanks for reading. No, I simply have issue with the dumbing down of America, and by extension, if that’s the news director, station general manager, whoever, why these people think they can present this garbage on the airwaves. The product that these stations air has little to any substance. Why would anyone with half a brain focus their eyes on something of no substance? It doesn’t make sense. So, Homer Jay, please tell me what substance these local TV news programs have that I can’t get anywhere else in the world of communications? And, I don’t mean a station giving me Channel X’s “health tips” or Channel X’s “your money” or what’s on Channel X’s website as substance. Please tell me what the exact opposite of TV news being some “great evil” is. Also, who is “we?” You think everyone that comments on this website agrees with you? Who are the other intelligent folks you are referring to? Why would anyone watch programming at a time dictated to you, as opposed to when YOU wanted the information? This is the world we live in today, not to wait until 6pm or 10pm for it. No one has time or the lack of intelligence for that.

  13. Larry M, is that you? 🙂

    I’m quite intelligent, thanks. Honors, top of my class, and all that. Normally I wouldn’t brag about such stuff, but since you felt the need to insult the intelligence of the great unwashed who don’t view media the same way.

    I have not leveled the condemnations here, you have. My consumption choices are quite fine for my needs, and demonstrably, for millions of other people nationwide. And just because those millions of people don’t do what you do does not make them somehow intellectually bankrupt. What matters in my life may be entirely different than yours, and the value I place on different types of information may be completely different than your valuations. Great for you that you like, or dislike, different broad cateogories of media/information. Do you really need validation so badly that you make yourself feel better by trying to diminish those who prefer different choices?

    Not once did I say everyone on any site agrees with me. This site with, what, a few dozen regular posters (I mean that as no offense, just an observation), is hardly a microcosm of society. The facts bear me out.

    Local–and for that matter network–TV news is by no means the extent of my complete information diet. What it is is a way to encapsulate a number of items (some of which interest me, some of which don’t) in a format that fits certain aspects of my life. Sometimes a blurb will inspire me to seek more details. With all else I have going on, I can’t keep on top of every possible topic related to my life, so, yes, capsules of information are sometimes of value. Not exactly a difficult concept to comprehend, unless you’re blinded by the sparks from that axe you’re grinding.

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