Eddie Bruce: A Salute to Tony Bennett

Eddie Bruce, forever known as the original host of Dancin’ On Air, stars in Eddie Bruce: A Salute To Tony Bennett at the Prince Music Theater through February 22.

Where have you gone Bill O’Brien?


4 responses to “Eddie Bruce: A Salute to Tony Bennett

  1. Following the recent merging of Dial Global’s 24-hour music formats with those of the former Jones Radio Networks, Dial Global Programming announced the programming management team responsible for its operation.
    Program Director / Hot AC Bill O’Brien and Bill is based in LA, this info was accurate as of November 2008

  2. EB played many affairs over the years.. some nice wedding and Bar Mitzvahs.

    A true local legend who always put on an evening to remember.

  3. Yeah. He was at my Bat Mitzvah, as well as my sister’s and brother’s bar/bat mitvahs and my sister’s wedding. He’s really good at what he does, but…Tony Bennett? Don’t people usually do stuff like this AFTER someone is dead?

  4. hi, my mother, Nancy Duretz discovered Eddie Bruce when he was 11 years old at Beth Chaim Syn. I remember going with them to different radio and tv stations. One biggie was the Al Alberts Talent Hour, both 1st station 48, then station 6.

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