CBS3 and CWPhilly Day at Broadcast Pioneers

Members of CBS3 and CWPhilly will discuss the impact of the digital age on local news and the new CWPhilly 10 p.m. newscast, which debuted last week at the Broadcast Pioneers luncheon, February 18 at the Bala Golf Club.

Susan Barnett, Chris May,  Susan Schiller, and Dave Huddleston will participate in the panel discussion moderated by former CBS3 reporter Dick Sheeran.  CBS3 and CWPhilly general manager Michael Colleran will also be on hand.


5 responses to “CBS3 and CWPhilly Day at Broadcast Pioneers

  1. Russell Stewart

    Maybe they can figue out how to keep people working instead of when & where to buy a converter box

  2. Sounds like a nice program with some of the A-Team.

    Just keep that Dick Standish as far away as possible. He will talk and talk and talk and talk… And of course, say nothing.

    True conversation below from a sunday morning not too long ago:

    “Leslie and Ann Marie, back to you”
    “THANK YOU, Dick”

  3. Is Dick Standish still on the air?

  4. She said Dick Sheeran, not Dick Standish… learn to read people, ugghhhH!

  5. Believe me, I know it was Dick Sheeran. He was a top notch journalist.
    And deserves to be part of the panel.

    Sadly, Dick Standish was a complete buffoon…

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