Happy Birthday Bob Kelly

Traffic reporter Bob Kelly mentioned on the radio that he recently celebrated his 40th birthday at Finnegan’s Wake with co-workers from WOGL 98.1-FM and CBS3.

Happy Birthday Bob!

UPDATE – It looks like I made a mistake.  When I heard Bob mention he had a birthday party, I assumed it was for a 40th birthday.  However, it was not for his 40th.  I apologize for the error.


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Bob Kelly

  1. Did Bob Kelly bring a “new” lady friend?

  2. He is not 40……he was dee jaying at the club in the northeast when I was 21 and he was at least 30 then!

  3. 40 no way since we went to high school together and graduted in 1981

  4. I had read some article concerning him fairly recently that claimed he was 44 or 45. Also, and I might be misremembering, but I swear on his cbs3 Bio it used to say he was 5’10 and now it says 6’1. No idea why I seem to remember that. Is he somehow making himself more appealing with these changes, or am I nuts? (the latter is entirely possible)

  5. met him at a eagles game…….he is no more than 5’9……something is fishy here! He has always been a real “carnie” selling ice to eskimo’s

  6. Afraid the mistake about the birthday doesn’t explain the sudden growth…

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