A Broadcasting Valentine Story

Fox29’s Sue Serio, who will be co-hosting a special Valentine’s  show on Now 97.5-FM with her husband Bill Vargus of Fox29 tells her broadcasting love story:

Hi Laura,

We’re excited about doing this radio show on Saturday.  It should be fun.

I have a feeling that what follows is going to be way too much information, but here goes:

My roots are in radio.  I started in the business in my hometown of Baltimore, moved to WSTW in Wilmington in the late ’80s, and while I was working there, got a TV weather job on WHYY’s Delaware newscast.   That’s where I met Billy in 1988.  He was the sports anchor.

My next radio job was hosting  a show called, “Magic After Dark,”  on WMGK.  It was a love song request show.   Then I hosted a morning show with Mike Bowe on the old KISS 100.   But we were all let go from there when they changed to the Y100 format.

Billy has a radio background, too.   He worked at WHAT,  WIP, WDAS, and Q102.

We were engaged when I got a TV job co-hosting a morning show in Buffalo in 1994.   He was then hired by the same station, WIVB, the CBS affiliate, as their main sports anchor.

We were married on New Year’s Eve of 1994.   We just celebrated our fourteenth anniversary.

Our daughter Nia was born in May of 1997 while we were still living in Buffalo.   She was three months old when Billy was offered the job at Fox in Philly.    A few months after we moved back, the original weather anchor of “Good Day,” Jim Castillo, left the station, and I got that job. 

Nia is eleven years old now, and in middle school.

We are very fortunate to have a healthy child, and to be doing what we love.   We’ve worked hard, too, of course.   And we’ve always worked opposite shifts:  him at night, me in the morning.  Maybe that’s the secret to a happy marriage…ha ha!

Hope you haven’t fallen asleep after all that.   Thanks so much for asking, and let me know if you need any more info. 

Others may roll their eyes, but I do love to tell our story.



3 responses to “A Broadcasting Valentine Story

  1. Awwwwwww! Always nice to hear of a happy marriage!

  2. Laura,

    Tell Sue to ask how Dorothy is doing. We miss
    her in the morning

  3. thedogatemyhomework

    Sue is one of the few watchable morning people in Philadelphia. Just a nice, normal broadcaster without massive ego. She works her tail off but never makes it look like a chore. Thanks, Sue.

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