PAL Media Basketball Game

Doug Kammerer of CBS3, Jamison Uhler and Harry Hairston of NBC10, and Bill Vargus of Fox29 participated in the Police Athletic League media game at halftime of the Sixers game Wednesday night.


4 responses to “PAL Media Basketball Game

  1. Thank goodness Dray Clark and Thomas Drayton were not part of this.

    Those two seem as unathletic as anyone.

  2. No we love Dray!!! Thomas is boring…and I prefer Dave Huddleston more…

  3. While Thomas Drayton is boring and essentially awful on the air, Dray Clark does do a nice job. And most readers feel that Huddleston is quite strong.

    My point was that neither Drayton or Clark strike me as overly athletic!

  4. I would luv to see sexy, handsome and debonair Harry Hairston in short shorts. That facial skin is so smooth and flawless, if I saw him up close, I’d swoon.

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