Eyewitness News Day Wednesday

As Wednesday is Eyewitness News day at the Broadcast Pioneers’ luncheon, it got me thinking about KYW through the years. 

Just a few memories:

Patrick Emory and Beverly Williams getting fired between the 6 and 11 p.m. shows.

The “Beverly’s Back” campaign

Of course, the Camelot days of Jessica Savitch, Mort Crim, Vince Leonard, Bill Custer, and Al Meltzer

Bill Currie and his flower in his lapel

Melvin Epps

Bruce Hamilton

Diane Allen and Steve Bell

Jerry Penacolli

Evening Magazine with Ray Murray and Nancy Glass


People Are Talking with Maury Povich

Marge Pala

Paul Moriarty

Brahin Ahmaddiya

Saturday Night Dead with Stella, the Maneater from Manyunk

The Rock Report with Cyndi Drue

Feel free to add your own person or memory from the past.  The more obscure, the better.

A great resource for old Channel 3 and other station’s people is TV News Philadelphia.  It hasn’t added new content for years, but it still has alot of good information.


14 responses to “Eyewitness News Day Wednesday

  1. One fond memory that I have from KYW-TV was watching “Rap Around”, which was hosted by then sports anchor, Ukee Washington. It aired every Saturday around noon, and that it would come on right after NBC’s Saturday morning lineup.

    “Rap Around” was a local public affairs discussion show that was geared toward teens. Teens from local high schools were featured on the show, and that they would talk to Ukee on various issues such as teen pregnancy, drugs/alcohol use, peer pressure, and the latest trends. “Rap Around” aired on KYW-TV between 1989 and 1997, I believe. I could be wrong though. It was a good show. They don’t have many local public affairs shows anymore.

  2. They need to bring that show back…matter of fact thats the type of show that should be shown on all local channels.

  3. Mort Crim I believed retired from broadcasting but had a huge gig going as a motivational speaker. His web site features a promo tape introduced by Charles Osgood. But the last I can find of his activities is early fall 2008. I know he was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer about 2 years ago. Any later news on Mort?

  4. Leonard Venske

  5. Beverly was the best on Channel 3. They did her wrong in the end.

  6. Who was the guy who anchored weekend evenings alongside robin rieger back about 2000 or 2001? I know he left and went to another station in Florida.

  7. Well, Ukee Washington is my favorite anchor in Philly. I was watching the news one morning and he mentioned that someone might bring out a clip of him auditioning for the station in 1986. So…to Youtube I went. I found a clip of him and Lou Tilley from 1986. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNAvjtVMxS8

    I sent it to the station and got a reply from Ukee himself…

    “Subject: did u say sing?????????

    ulia, Julia, Julia…………………………………………

    Now see,, i thought we were friends….tight.. and you had to go dig this up!!!! lol hahhahahahaha

    Is that a blast from the past or what!!!! lol

    i am going to delete every copy i can find,, and YOUTUBE is my first stop!!!

    Thanks for the memories,, and thanks for watching
    take care
    and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours!

    Ukee :)”

    He’s just as nice as he seems on TV. Plus, he hasn’t aged one bit.

  8. Michael, does the name Calvin Hughes ring a bell?

  9. Some more names

    Brandon Brooks – now heard on KYW-AM with his really really silly “Rewind” segment.

    Brooks Tomlin – nice guy but a bit of a fish out of water in this market.

    Siani Lee was one of the better looking Asian women this city has ever had.

    Ji-Young Min was not.

    Howard Eskin appeared on Channel 3 at one point.

    Richard Bey did as well.

  10. Tom Brookshier did a once a week segment on the Eagles with Lou Tilley in the late 80s.

  11. A few other things as well. Larry Mendte stealing Alicia Lane’s e-mails. while the IT guy never got fired. The company is now been run into the ground. It’s the number one network but they can’t make any money. And they don’t lay off manager’s or anybody who does nothing and collects a big pay check .

  12. Oh and Rebecca Messa…she had a short stint as a reporter

  13. I miss Larry Mendte on that station. Seems like there is no reason to watch. He brought an energy that is now gone. Chris May is a good reporter but does not have that X factor to anchor.

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