Broadcast Pioneers’ Luncheon Recap

Here is Ruth Weisberg’s recap of the Broadcast Pioneers Luncheon Wednesday:

“It was a tribute to Channel 3, so Dick Sheeran and Mike Colleran were gracious, eloquent and affable hosts at the podium, taking turns sharing introductions, anecdotes and accolades with the esteemed panel:  producer extraordinaire Susan Schiller, and a trinity of Channel 3 anchors – Chris May, Susan Barnett, and Dave Huddleston.


6 responses to “Broadcast Pioneers’ Luncheon Recap

  1. C’mon Ruth. You mean everyone played ‘nice’ to
    Colleran and Schiller. I wish I couldve attended.
    Did anyone in audience ask Schiller, Colleran questions regarding Lane, Mendte, Russell.

  2. C’Mon Bart.

    You know that was not the topic.

    As juicy as that would have been, that wasnt the purpose of this event.

  3. Who cares they’re both walking on eggshells for runnin the station into the ground and should be gone within a few months

  4. Amen to that! Schiller has no original ideas and does the bidding of her General Manager. Michael Colleran ran the station into the ground by caring only about himself. He is the real disaster at CBS3 and the still untold story. Can’t wait until he has to take the stand during the civil suit and explain everything he did to ruin the fastets growing station at the country with sad sack Schiller by his side.

  5. Yes when is that civil suit? Will Alycia be going to court against CBS 3 soon?

  6. What a thorough recap of the event. I feel like I was there.

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