B & B To Debut on WPHT

We hear that John Brazer and Ricky Bottalico will host a post-game show on WPHT 1210-AM following every Phillies game this season.

Ricky Bo will also be busy doing Phillies minor league games, as well as Phillies Post Game Live on Comcast SportsNet.


5 responses to “B & B To Debut on WPHT

  1. Interesting that Brazer gets the gig. He is an inhouse guy who really knows how to suck up to the media. As well as 23-year old girls who hang out at McFaddens.

  2. Who is Brazer…..there are so many good broadcasters in the phils system????

  3. Sadly, I think we’ll also see less of Mitch Williams on post game given his new gig with MLB.com.

  4. What does that mean for Jim Jackson?

  5. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe Jackson will still do Phillies On Deck and the postgame wrapup, except for those early season games when there is a conflict with the Flyers. Scott Franzke usually fills in on those nights. I think the Brazer and Bottalico show will be on after the postgame wrap

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