High School Championships on Comcast

The Comcast Network (formerly CN8) will air the boys and girls high school basketball championship games from the Licaouras Center, Sunday March 1.

First at 11 a.m., Central High will meet Cardinal O’Hara for the girls championship.  Then at 1 p.m., South Philadelphia High School will battle Roman Catholic for the boys championship.

This is the first time the Public and Catholic Leagues are playing each other since 1980.

Steve Degler and Jeremy Treatman will call the games.


5 responses to “High School Championships on Comcast

  1. Expect the usual poor quality of video from ComcastNetwork.

    Clearly not the shining star of the Comcast solar system.

    Treatman is a good kid though. Knows his local hoops.

  2. treatman knows his stuff, but is so dam BORING! It is so tough to listen to the announcer’s…..no good!

  3. At least it isn’t Keith Russell…

  4. Flipped over to the games. Both Steve and Jeremy did a good job

    Of course, the picture quality was horrendous. Comcast should be ashamed to be having this on the air

  5. could not watch very boring! comcast has stooped to an all-time low, the stands were not even half-full so you can see how much real interest was in this game…..

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