Inky Vs. KYW

The Inquirer, which filed for bankruptcy this week,  took a shot at KYW 1060-AM in a full page ad in the newspaper Wednesday.

Here’s what it said:

Where news radio gets its news

If you want the best news in the region, read it yourself.

The Inquirer, Daily News, and have over 420 journalists near and far digging into the things that matter to you.  The leading local all-news radio station has a fraction of that.

So where are they getting their news?

There is more news on one page of The Inquirer than news radio can read aloud in an hour. Do you want the first few lines …or the whole story?

And do you want it from a news source where nine Pulitzer Prize winners work or from a place where none do?

So many people already get their news from us.  In fact, more people turn to us for news on just one average weekday than listen to the leading radio news station for an entire week.

Let’s face it, you don’t need someone to read The Inquirer or the Daily News to you.  And if you really need ancient teletype sound in the background while you read, go to  It’ll play clacking in the background while you enjoy the real news sources in the region…The Inquirer, The Daily News, and

KYW 1060’s Director of News and Programming, Steve Butler had no comment about the Inquirer’s ad.


6 responses to “Inky Vs. KYW

  1. Lets face it, both the Newspaper and News Radio industries are both going under. No one gets their news from Nespaapers anymore, they get it from blogs and other sources on the net. And as far as News Radio goes, Who still listens to News Radio naymore for their news? You can get News trough yhour Ipod, satelite Radio, etc. This Inquire ad a day after they filed for chapter 11 is moronic. And by the way, those award winning writers at the Inquire and the Daily News, Din’t they take the buyout from tnose papers?

  2. You can’t get breaking news from your iPod. And who wants to wake up in the morning and download a newscast when you can simply put newsradio on your clock radio?

    And, yes, you can get news from satellite radio (at least until that operation goes under – which will happen before newsradio ceases to exist), if you feel like PAYING for it. Newsradio is FREE.

  3. Given the choice, I give a slight lean to KYW.

    I really see no reason to go to buy those two fishwraps. The stories are often stale and old in the papers. Also, there is a liberal bias which has really permeated the two papers. Hack writers and erstwhile bloggers such as Will Bunch and Daniel Rubin use this forum as their pulpit. It can be quite lopsided, and this is coming from a left-leaning voter. It really turns me off to the product. They also have a propensity for silly polls which have gotten to be quite annoying.

    KYW is neutral and real time. I get what I need from it. My only beef is that Jack O’Rourke gets an annual paid vacation to Florida to watch the Phillies.

    Otherwise, its one vote to the KYW over the dying newspaper.

  4. Good use of the word “erstwhile.” And the guy who gets his news from blogs. Where do the bloggers get THEIR news?

  5. thedogatemyhomework

    Oh, puhlease. Newspapers aren’t what they used to be but it is still very obvious that t.v. news voiceovers and readers come directly from what’s appeared in print. There are very few enterprise t.v. stories; they originate from what’s been read in local or national newspapers. TV reporters are the LAZIEST of all members of the press. Notoriously so. Very few of them work ‘a beat’ anymore, except for some of the old-timers who are mostly on 6abc or guys like Walt Hunter. I feel sorry for hard working assignment editors and producers trying to fill their newscasts with fresh stories. These new ‘news stars of today’ don’t want to work hard enough to come up with the good stuff.


    Larry Mendte didn’t get Cookie-Gate from the fishwraps. When was the last time ANY news outlet did an in-depth investigative piece?
    Like Wacky Jack, I give the nod to KYW. I, too, lean to the left, but the bias that is found in the print media in this city is ridiculous. I am intelligent enough to make my own decisions, and KYW reports the news with minimal bias, as a news agency should.

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